7 Things We All Need to Know about Teen Dating Violence ...


Teen dating violence is real and increasing. February is teen dating violence prevention month. It is fitting that a month dedicated to celebrating love also includes a significant note on the state of abuse and violence present in many relationships. We all deserve love and respect in a healthy, safe, and nurturing relationship. Yet, teen dating violence happens every day. Dedicating one month to discuss this issue does not diminish the significance; it provides a venue for focus and discussion where one may not already exist. As a mother of a teenager, this is a particularly important issue for me. I share with you seven things we all need to know about teen dating violence.

1. The Stats

The number of teens in abusive and violent relationships is incredibly high: 1 in 3 teens report experiencing violence each year. That astonishing statistic is a disturbing glimpse into a growing problem. Now, consider that reports of teen dating violence also includes tweens as young as eleven years old. Furthermore, that statistic increases among those who are sexually active. No matter what we think about the proper dating age it is clear that tweens consider themselves in dating relationships.

The Abuse
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