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7 Great Presents to Include during Big Little Gift Week ...

By Emily

Big little gift week is one of the most exciting weeks for sorority girls! It’s the big week when the new members are all assigned a big sister. But here’s the fun part: the new members don’t know who their bigs are! Bigs put together gift baskets and presents for their littles, and at the end of the week, there is a reveal. It’s so much fun! Here are some big little gift week presents that you should consider giving your little:

1 Letters

This was one of my most prized gifts that I received during big little gift week! Letters are so important to sorority girls because we feel like we have earned them. When our big gives us our first pair of letters, they are super special for many different reasons. To make this more special, you can make your little a set of line letters (same fabric for the letters).

2 Tumblers or Wine Glasses

There are so many colorful tumblers out there that you can get your little! Websites that sell Greek apparel will very likely carry tumblers with your sorority’s crest or something really cute. If you are feeling crafty (who am I kidding, you will definitely be feeling crafty!), you can get a plain tumbler and puffy paint it for your precious little! If your sorority allows you to, you can decorate some wine glasses or shot glasses for her, too!


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3 Candy

Big little week is stressful, so candy is a sweet treat to add to your little’s gifts! Make sure you find out what her favorite snacks and treats are, and if she has any allergies! I was so excited when I found my basket filled with Sour Patch Kids and Hershey’s!

4 Tie Blanket

Each sorority and each chapter has its own traditional item. In my case, it was a tie blanket, so each new member got one. They are super easy to make and shopping for the fabric is also so much fun! To make it extra special, you can add letters in a corner!

5 Stuffed Animal

If your sorority has a mascot, you can get your little a stuffed version. For instance, during my big little week, my big gave me a stuffed bear with my letters on them. Why a bear? Because Alpha Phi’s mascot is the Phi bear!

6 Baked Goods

A fun personal touch to the gifts would be homemade goodies! Your little will probably be kind of homesick and caught up with being new in college, so fresh cookies and treats will make her very happy! You get extra brownie points if they’re made from scratch!

7 Craft Box

Another great gift to consider giving to your little is a little box filled with fabric, t-shirts, and stencils so she can make more letters for herself (and maybe for you, too!). You can also toss in some scissors, string, and a mini iron! This is a fun gift because once your little joins your sorority, you will enjoy crafting and making letters. Think of it as a starter kit!

I received all these gifts during my big little gift week, and I loved them all! They are all special because they are from my big and related to my sorority. Are you planning on giving any of these gifts to your little? What were some of your favorite gifts that you got during big little week?

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