7 Things Only Sisters Understand ...


Being the amazing bond that it is, there are so many things only sisters understand! While writing this list, I couldn't help but laugh because it's so true for my sister and I! Having a sister is one my favorite things about life, knowing that I'll always have somebody there for me. Check out some of my favorite things about sisterhood, things only sisters understand! Let me know if these ring true for you too.

1. Having a Built-in Best Friend

Having a sister means having a built-in best friend because whether you like it or not, you two are stuck together for life! Your sister is there for every milestone in your life. Seriously, can you think of any big moments in your life that your sister wasn't a part of? I sure can't. My sister is my go-to for whenever I have exciting news to share, and vice versa. It's this unspoken bond and it's pretty awesome. The friendship is just one of the many things only sisters understand!

Mutual Understanding of Family
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