7 Things Not to do Right before You Graduate ...


There are seven things you should be conscious of not doing before you graduate. Getting involved in anything that could be detrimental to your studies and performance in school is never a smart idea. Ignore that anxious feeling of "senioritis" and end these final two semesters with flying colors. So, if you're a student attending your last year in college, then you may want to read this important list of things you should try to avoid right before you graduate.

1. Partying Excessively

Most college kids love to party, but at this point, it should be something you slow down on before you graduate. I surely did once upon a time. Partying can inhibit your studies and even more harmful to your attendance. Going out to the club or bar on a school night could get in the way of your school work and more importantly your sleep schedule. Just try to minimize your partying habits as much as possible.

Missing Classes
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