5 Things No One 🚫 Tells You 🙊 about High School 🏫 ...


There are definitely some things no tells you about high school. Here are five pieces of advice that no one gave me before I entered high school.

I honestly wish that someone would have told me some of these things.

Now I'm making it my job to potentially help high school students or connect with people who had similar experiences. So here you go - things no one tells you about high school. Good luck!

1. Never Apologize for Who You Are

One of the things no one tells you about high school is that you can be who you are without feeling bad about it. During my four years of high school, people failed to mention that I shouldn't be apologizing for who I am as an individual. Instead I should have been embracing myself more often. It's okay to be who you are and to not change for others.

How You Look Doesn't Matter
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