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There are certain things every teen should do with her mom, whether she and her mom don’t get along or are the best of friends. Your teenage years represent a critical period in your growth, and if you’re blessed with a mom or mother figure in your life, she plays a huge role in helping you grow up! The things every teen should do with her mom are limitless; here are a few to consider!

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Watch Gilmore Girls

One of the best ways I’ve bonded with my mom is through watching Gilmore Girls, which is why I think it’s one of the things every teen should do with her mom. Gilmore Girls is a now celebrated comedy/drama featuring the lovable Gilmore Girls. You and your mom are bound to bond over this show, and strengthen your relationship through the show’s seven seasons!


Get Mani-pedis

In my book, this is chapter one in mother-daughter activities! Mani-pedis are a so much fun with your mom, because you get a chance to do something girly as well as talk and bond. A spa day with your mom is a memory you’ll never forget, and will definitely be a great time for both of you.


Go on a Shopping Spree

Your mom is your biggest fan and worst critic. That’s just one of the reasons to go on a shopping spree with her, because she’ll ensure that you only purchase the most flattering outfits! Plus, we all know how much time you can spend in a mall, so one outing can turn into a whole day of unforgettable mother-daughter fun!



Spending time with your mom doesn’t mean going anywhere, doing anything special, or spending money. In fact, the most important thing a teenage girl can do with her mom comes free of charge: talking! Sit down and have a conversation with your mom; talk openly and honestly with one another about school, friends, dating and fashion. You’d probably be surprised by how much you and your mom have in common, and by how well she understands all of your concerns!


Plan for the Future

I know that as a teen, you often think you’re capable of planning your future successfully all on your own, but in reality, it doesn’t hurt to get outside opinions. Some of the greatest input will come from your mom. So ask your mom for her advice, and work together to plan for the future so that you can live up to your full potential!


Ask Questions

Moms love when their daughters come to them for advice. So don’t shy away from asking your mom the hard-hitting questions about her past and your future. She can offer you great perspective and insight that no one else can offer! Just make sure you actually consider everything she has to say; don’t blow it off because you think that you know better.


Cook Together

Someday (sooner than you think) you’ll be living on your own, having to cook and clean your apartment and take care of yourself. Your mom has done a great job raising you so far, but if you still feel like you’re ill-prepared for independent living, an important first step to take is cooking with your mom. Not only is this a fun bonding experience for both of you, but you’ll also get a chance to learn all the tips and tricks your mom uses when she’s slaving over the stove to feed you each night!

Your mom or mother figure is among the most important people you’ll get the privilege of spending time with in your life. You need to make every moment count if you don’t want to regret the relationship you had with your mom when you were a teen. What sorts of things do you like to do with your mom?

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it's always very important for a daughter to bond with her mom! most girls don't have their moms so take the opportunity while you have it.

definitelyy!! i love you mom

so true!

my mom is very important!! but sometimes it feels like she doesn't wanna do any of this!!!!! maybe I am just not the type of daughter :(

what if you don't have a mom

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