19. Donโ€™t Give into Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is probably the biggest threat youโ€™ll face between ages 13 to 18. It seems like everyone wants something from you, or wants you to do something with them. But no matter what angle people come at you from, or what sort of power they try to assert over you, donโ€™t give in.

Know when to say yes and when to say no, but more importantly know who your real friends are. Because true friends will care about you too much to pressure you into doing anything youโ€™re uncomfortable with.

There you have it! Your ultimate teenage survival guide! Without these tips, I know Iโ€™d struggle to make it through this few, but long and tumultuous years of adolescence! Which of these tips did you need the most? What other things do you think every teenager must know?

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