Teen Psychology - Why Teens See 👀 the World 🌎 Differently to Adults ...


If only I knew the secrets of teen psychology! As a mother of a teenager, I am constantly perplexed! The world seems to have grown up with the common phrase that men repeatedly utter of “I don’t understand women”. I say that “I don’t understand teenagers” is far more real and relevant. I do not understand the teenage brain and I am forever shaking my head at what my teenage boy and girl do. If I had an insight into teen psychology, I might understand why teens see the world differently.

1. Clean and Tidy Are Interchangeable Concepts

On CSI Miami, they once said that kids will tidy but they won’t clean. Teens are quite capable of cleaning, but what good is cleaning when tidying will suffice. Why bother wiping the dust off things when you can shift them to a new position and make them look as good as new? It isn’t that the ways your teen sees the world are that different from the ways you see the world. It is just that there is little consequence for their actions in their world. In their world, another stain is just another thing to tolerate, and a messy bedroom is nothing compared when compared to the trauma of being forced to clean it.

If You Can’t See It Right Now, then It is Not There
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