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Being a teenager should be fun (and safe), which is why these teen-friendly summer ideas should be on the top of your to-do list for the upcoming months! Often times, when teens are let loose for 2-3 months, they either get into trouble or sit at home binge-watching Netflix. Fortunately, there are tons of exciting adventures you can embark upon that still guarantee a teen-friendly summer.

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Bonfire Let’s start off simple, with a bonfire to which you invite all of your closest friends. At this teen-friendly summer event, you can kick off the season roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, playing games and telling scary stories! You can also plan the rest of your fun summertime adventures at this event!


Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night What’s summer without karaoke night at a local restaurant or cafe? Anyone can participate, even if it seems like it’s mostly an “old folks event”. You get to watch people act crazy and sing their hearts out... what could be more fun? You and your friends can also sing your favorite songs and feel like a superstar for a night.


Beach Trip

Beach Trip Summer simply wouldn’t be summer without a good old fashioned beach trip! Whether the beach nearest you is Malibu, California or Lake Ouachita, Arkansas, pack your bags, put on your bikini, then head on down! With the right group of friends, a beach trip can be the greatest adventure of summer. You’ll get a chance to cool off and get a nice tan, so what are you waiting for?



Archery A less conventional teen-friendly adventure you may consider this summer is archery. Archery is bound to be the sport of the future, with The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen as an inspiration for so many young girls. You can be ahead of the trend and try it this summer; who knows it could become a life-long passion for you! It will be a great experience and fun way to get out of the house this summer.


Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot After weeks of sleeping in, soaking up rays, and pampering yourself when there’s nothing better to do, you’ll probably look pretty good! And you wouldn’t want your good looks to go to waste! That’s why you and your friends should get together to do a photo shoot at least once this summer. Drive to some distant, beautiful scenery or pose right in your own backyard. No matter what, just have fun getting dolled up and making memories!



Geocaching One of the most adventurous activities you can do this summer is geocaching! If you aren’t familiar with it, geocaching is basically a real-life treasure hunt. You and your friends use your phone’s GPS to track down a hidden treasure somewhere near you. When you find it, you simply log that you’ve been there, then you can leave behind your own nick-knack to add to the treasure trove! Geocaching is tons of fun, and totally teen friendly!



Kayaking If you’re an outdoorsy type, another great summer activity to try is kayaking. It’s a great summer adventure to take with your family or friends. You’ll definitely feel sore the next day, so you know that you will really sculpt your shoulders and burn some major calories while kayaking! It’s such a fun experience, especially if you’ve never kayaked before.



Hiking Again, for the nature lovers out there, hiking is a must on the list of summer adventures! Hiking is a serious workout, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Even if hiking isn’t your favorite activity, I still recommend going on at least a few light hikes this summer. You’ll be surprised by how much you truly love it!



Classes Wait a minute... classes and summer just don’t mix, right? Well think again! There are tons of really fun classes you can take through your city’s Parks and Recreation center and really enjoy! From cooking, to kick boxing, to TV production, your city or a city near you likely has a myriad of fun and interesting classes to offer you this summer! Just because school’s out doesn’t mean you’re done learning. Give your brain and body what they need this summer by enrolling in interesting classes that you are sure to enjoy!

It’s important for teens to make the most of their summer and get out of the house without getting into trouble. There’s a reason why you look forward to summer all year long, and part of that is because it means endless adventure! Where will your summer take you?

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They all seem very fun!

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