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There are so many things you can do for your mom, and she deserves it. In our childhood and even in our adult lives, we rely on our mothers heavily. Not only did she give us life, but she also gives us love, shelter and food. And even when she doesn’t agree with the choices that we make, she still supports us through the good and the bad. Your mom needs some love. Here are 7 sweet things you can do for your mom.

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Take Her out for Afternoon Tea

There are many big things you can do for your mom, but it’s really the thought that counts and an afternoon tea is something moms like. You could take her to an elegant tea room for some herbal tea and dessert or you could splurge a little and arrange an afternoon tea in a luxurious hotel, accompanied by sparkling chandeliers, scones and petit fours. An afternoon tea is really fun to do in general, whether it’s with your girlfriends, aunties or grandmother, but taking your mom is a great mother and daughter date. There is nothing like sipping cups of tea and indulging in delicious sweets and tasty bites while catching up.


Send Her a Postcard

Even if you live close to each other, sending your mom a postcard is a very sweet thing to do. It’s thoughtful, it’s inexpensive and a postcard can really show her that you appreciate her. You can send her a postcard for a special occasion, such as her birthday, but it’s much more fun to send her a postcard when she least expects it. Make it casual by choosing a funny postcard and write her something sweet. You could even write her a short poem. I think keeping it light and airy is the way to do it, since all you’re hoping for is to put a smile on her face, not to make her cry.


Cook for Her

Most moms spend their lives devoting themselves to their families and making sure everyone has had a proper dinner by 8 p.m. If you enjoy cooking, then why not take some time to cook for your mom? Invite her over, set the table and don’t let her help you with anything in the kitchen. For some moms it might be difficult to keep their hands out of the kitchen, but if you stay persistent, you’ll see that she will slowly enjoy being served by you. One tip: don’t cook her specialty, because she will always compare it with her own. I’ve made that mistake before…


Take Her to a Spa

I don’t know any woman, young or old, who doesn’t love going to a spa to be pampered. Make it a mother and daughter day, surprise her by telling her to keep the afternoon free and pick her up. Treating your mom to a spa treatment is a great way to allow her to relax and let go of everything else. It’s also a great way to bond with your mom, as a spa doesn’t leave much room to discuss topics that could trigger stress or negativity. You’ll both be in seventh heaven and in a good, relaxed mood.


Look at Old Photos Together

The next time you visit your mom, ask her if she has time to look through old photos together. Old photos will take you both back to those good old days and you’ll have a chance to rattle up old stories again. Old photos will sometimes also make you laugh out loud with your mom, because of the weird fashions in the photos, the huge glasses or even the funny wallpaper in the house back then. This tip needs a side note: you might want to skip this if a family member recently passed away or if you know that looking through old photos makes your mom feel sad.


Sifting through dusty albums or scrolling through digital galleries can spark a wave of nostalgia and create new moments of connection. You might discover tales from her youth you've never heard, or she can reveal the backstory behind your favorite childhood snapshot. Laughter and tears often go hand-in-hand amid such heartfelt trips down memory lane. Just be sensitive to her emotions – the goal is to share joy and cherish those previous chapters of your lives together. And you never know, you may even come across hidden treasures among the snapshots that illuminate her life and by extension, your heritage.


Involve Her in Your Life

Your mom likes to be involved in your life, even though some moms may not say it. If there’s something on your mind or if you need advice, talk about it to your mom. Not only will she be able to help you as your mom, but in a way she also has the right to know what’s going on in your mind and what’s been keeping you busy lately. Involving your mom in your life will also make you feel better, because expressing your feelings to your mom is just different from expressing your feelings to your girlfriends, your boyfriend or your husband. At the same time, she also wants to involve you in her life, so don’t forget to ask your mom how she’s really doing lately.


Help Her

Your mom took care of you for years without asking for anything in return. It’s time for you to help her and there are so many ways to do this. You can help her by cleaning her house together, folding her laundry or doing groceries for her while you’re doing your own. You could also help her with more fun stuff. Maybe your mom enjoys gardening or maybe she has a new project going on in the house. Take an afternoon off and offer her your help. Not only will it be quality time with your mom, but it will show that you’re interested in the things she does.

Doing sweet things for your mom will not only show her how much you love her, it will also make her feel proud to have raised a woman who does things for her. There’s even a chance she’ll brag about it to her friends! Of course, women, and therefore moms, are all different and so these were only some examples of the things you could do for her. Maybe your mom likes other things. What is the sweetest thing you have ever done for your mom?

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