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There are endless styles to try in high school, so you shouldn’t ever get bored with the way you dress. This is high school, there isn’t anyone you need to impress or any reputation you need to uphold, even though you may think there is. You have 100% freedom to experiment with all of these fun and fashionable styles to try in high school- so what are you waiting for?

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Preppy One of the most classic styles to try in high school is the preppy look. It’s clean cut, adorable, and can become your trademark look if you can pull it off! The preppy look is the perfect cross between a sophisticated business woman and a reserved school girl. If you’re trying to figure out your signature look, I recommend starting with a preppy style!



Elegant People hardly ever expect to see high schoolers dressed elegantly, and that’s exactly why you should dress that way! That, and feeling pretty is an amazing feeling! For inspiration for elegant outfits, I often look at classic Lolita looks, which are sweet, feminine, and slightly dramatic.


California Casual

California Casual On the opposite end of the spectrum is the California casual look. It’s important to try out looks like this too, however, because you can’t be preppy and elegant all of the time. The California casual look is just as stylish as the others, in my opinion, but this laid-back look may be more your style!



Sophisticated This look isn’t for everyone, but I know several girls that rock it! You don’t have to be a 40 year old executive to dress in sophisticated attire. Teens should try out a sophisticated look in high school; you’ll earn more respect when you’re out about the town and even at school. So try out the sophisticated look next time you’re at a loss for what to wear!


High Fashion

High Fashion I don’t know if I would ever be so bold as to go this route, but I have faith that you could make it work! High fashion is edgy, spunky, and always changing! If that mirrors your personality at all, I’d recommend trying out a high fashion look at school. Experimenting to the extreme can help you get a pretty solid feel of what style works best for you.



Vintage Vintage looks made a comeback with the surge of hipsters in our culture a few years ago. While pretty soon, our dear hipster friends may abandon the vintage look because it has become too “mainstream,” you can still feel free to test it out now! Vintage outfits are undeniably classy and adorable. You’ll always stand out in a crowd and become a diamond in the rough at your school!



Clueless I truly don’t believe an article on teen style could be complete without a reference to the film which epitomized '90s teen fashion, Clueless. One of my favorite movies, Clueless taught me endless lessons about fashion, and helped define my own sense of style. For specific tips about how to dress like the greatest fashion mastermind of all, Cher Horowitz, check out my article on Clueless fashion here: 7 Fashion Musts to Achieve Cher's Style from Clueless.

I love mixing up my style! So I try to do so as frequently as possible. Which of these styles are you eager to try? What other styles can you recommend for teens to try?

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I really like punk/grunge look for highschool

styles I tried in high school: hippie, punk, preppy, tomboy, grunge, sporty. not in that particular order ;-;

I totally went through most of these think I loved clueless the most:)

I'm pretty sure I'm to insecure to pull them off lol


grunge is the way to go!


This is a very cool article! Very helpful

when I was in high school I tried most of these. I loved dressing differently every day so I couldn't be labelled.


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