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College bound teens are always looking for the most effective SAT tips,.but everyone seems to say something different! With the SATs coming up fast, the most popular test dates being in May and June, it's important to know some tricks to earn the best score possible! Here are a few SAT tips most people agree are effective, efficient ways to boost your score!

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Skip Questions

This is one of the best SAT tips I know of, but unfortunately one many people over look. Unlike the ACT, AP tests, and most other college entrance exams, the SAT deducts points for every wrong answer. Why does College Board do that? Maybe to ruin our lives, I don't really know! All I know is that you earn +1 point for every correct answer, 0 points for every omitted question, and -0.25 points for every incorrect answer. All that means is that you need to be 100% confident on all of your answers, or at least 75%, to squeeze as many points out of the test as possible and avoid self-sabotaging.


Keep Your Eye on the Clock

The SAT is a timed test. And time sure does fly during the SAT! That means the pressure is on and the clock is ticking, so in order to stay on track you need to keep your eye on the clock! Your procter should give you a five minute and one minute warning at the end of each section, but still bring a watch. This will help you maintain a steady pace so that you can get to every question on the test.


Read Carefully

Ah, the dreaded SAT critical reading section! Just typing the phrase gives me chills! But you don't need to fear this section as much as you probably do. On the day of your SAT, simply make sure that you read carefully, closely, and critically, as my English teacher always says! This will ensure that you digest everything you read, and understand the writer's style and passage as a whole. In order to read carefully, underline as you read the passage, and stay focused - don't let your attention wander! It may also help to skim the questions before you read the passage, so you know exactly what to keep an eye out for.


Take Practice Tests

Studies show that your score increases when you take the SAT multiple times. But why pay fifty dollars to take the real test over and over again? It's probably a better idea to buy the Official SAT Study Guide and take the practice tests from the giant blue book! Most issues of the book have around 10 practice tests, and if you take all of them before your test date, you'll be in fantastic shape for the real deal!


Ignore All Distractions

The girl behind you is smacking her gum; the guy in front if you just fell asleep, and the girl next to you speeds through every section like she's been taking SATs since she was born! All of these factors of your testing environment can distract you, and unfortunately have a negative effect on your score. It won't be easy, but you should try to block out all distractions and focus on your test alone. Clear your mind of all internal thoughts and worries too, then you'll be guaranteed a higher score!


Eat Breakfast

Almost every teen has heard that eating breakfast is important, yet girls skip this meal daily! If you usually miss the most important meal of the day, you need to kick that bad habit to the curb on your testing day! It's much harder to focus on an empty stomach, and when your stomach is growling, no one in your testing room will be very happy with you! So get up a little earlier to have well rounded breakfast the day of your SAT!


Treat It like Any Other Test

The SAT is probably the most important test you've taken in your life so far, but if you treat it like that you'll experience little success. Nerves will get to you and you won't be able to focus optimally. In order to earn the score you desire and deserve, you need to walk into the SAT like it's any other test. This will keep you calm and keep the worries at bay!

I know how scary the SATs are, and if you're a nervous Sophomore or Junior in high school, I understand your fears completely! But while worrying never helped anyone succeed on the SAT, these helpful tips have! Which of these tips do you think is most effective? What other great SAT tips do you have to share?

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Actually they don't deduct points anymore :)

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