7 Reasons Why It's Healthy to Take Gym Class Seriously ...


For some of you who may still be in high school, there are some good reasons to take gym class seriously. I'm sure all of us were pretty active as children, but as we entered High School, we despised Physical Education class. Well, I know I did up until ninth grade. I realized I had a passion for running, so I decided to pre-condition in gym class before trying out for the track team. P.E. is not only the perfect time to socialize with friends, but also a time to keep yourself in top shape. Here is a list outlining some insightful reasons to take gym class seriously.

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Keeps You Fit

Well, obviously it keeps you fit and physically healthy. Most school kids do not realize how beneficial gym class can be—especially if you're not active away from school. This is your chance to work off some of the calories you may have consumed over the last few days. If you have a weight goal to achieve, but can't find time because of work or other after-school activities, then take advantage of P.E. as much as you can. Keeping fit is arguably the most important of all the reasons to take gym class seriously.


Builds Your Stamina

Working out really does improve your energy levels. Regular exercises have been medically proven to fight fatigue caused by ailments like cancer. When you're constantly inactive, you may feel tired here and there. You may even find yourself nodding off during an important lecture or exam. However, if your gym class is early in the day, physical activity will give you the energy you need to complete the rest of the day.


Shows You How to Work out Properly

This is the ideal time to learn the correct way to do certain workout routines. You may have tried to do push-ups on your own time, but feel that you have the wrong form. If you are sincerely interested in becoming more fit and tone, then asking questions is always a great start to mastering the art of exercise. I'm sure your teacher wouldn't mind.


Makes You Appreciate Physical Fitness

Physical fitness class is not all about testing for one-mile runs or seeing how many pull ups you can do. It also involves playing fun activities like dodge ball or flag football. I remember my school inviting an aerobics trainer to a few of our class sessions. I also remember my P.E. teachers turning on line-dance music, which we all gladly participated in. Little fun moment like this really makes you appreciate physical fitness. It actually motivates you to stay fit.


Introduces You to Sports

Participating in gym class could be a doorway to other interests in school like playing sports. Like I mentioned before, track became one of my favorite hobbies in ninth grade because of P.E. I learned that I was really good at sprinting and running short distances. So, I decided to run indoor and outdoor track for one year. You may realize that soccer or softball is something you're really good at and you want to take it more seriously. Gym class can help you realize this.


Teaches You to Be a Team Player

As you grow up, there will be many situations where you'll have to learn to be part of a team, whether that's through group projects or debate teams. The activities you do during gym class teach you this virtue very well. On many occasions you'll have to be on some sort of team during class. Being a team player teaches you how to trust and properly communicate with your fellow teammate in order to accomplish a score or goal. This will be a very important lesson for you later on in life when you reach adulthood, especially in the workforce.


Prepares Your Body for the Future

Gym class can condition your body at a young age. It'll keep the weight down while at the same time keeping you fit. You never know, you may just fall in love with working out at a young age that you carry that same passion into college and into the real world. It's better to integrate this compulsive behavior into your younger years while you have a chance. Your body will thank you for it later.

As you can see, gym class can be fun and not a complete waste of time. Did you or do you still enjoy gym class? Why or why not?

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