7 Reasons Why It's Healthy to Take Gym Class Seriously ...


For some of you who may still be in high school, there are some good reasons to take gym class seriously. I'm sure all of us were pretty active as children, but as we entered High School, we despised Physical Education class. Well, I know I did up until ninth grade. I realized I had a passion for running, so I decided to pre-condition in gym class before trying out for the track team. P.E. is not only the perfect time to socialize with friends, but also a time to keep yourself in top shape. Here is a list outlining some insightful reasons to take gym class seriously.

1. Keeps You Fit

Well, obviously it keeps you fit and physically healthy. Most school kids do not realize how beneficial gym class can be—especially if you're not active away from school. This is your chance to work off some of the calories you may have consumed over the last few days. If you have a weight goal to achieve, but can't find time because of work or other after-school activities, then take advantage of P.E. as much as you can. Keeping fit is arguably the most important of all the reasons to take gym class seriously.

Builds Your Stamina
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