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7 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs an Aunt ...

By Eliza

I have several wonderful aunts in my life so I know firsthand why every girl needs an aunt. I also have several nieces, so I hope to be the aunt they need too. You might think an aunt isn’t all that important, but there are many ways she plays an important role in your life. If you don’t have an aunt, a godmother or grandma can serve the same purpose. Check out why every girl needs an aunt and I think you’ll agree with me.

1 Listening Ear

No matter how old you are, there are certain things you just can’t tell your mom. That’s why every girl needs an aunt. She’ll listen to you without judgment and then talk through the problem with you and give you helpful suggestions. She’ll also keep your secrets to herself so you can be sure your confidences are safe with her.

2 She’s Fun

If your aunt is anything like mine, you’ll have nothing but fun when you’re together. Who else will let you stay up all night watching movies your parents wouldn’t sit through with you and give you ice cream for dinner? No matter how old you are, spending time with your aunt is fun. If you’re an aunt, take your niece to the movies, out to dinner or for a pedicure. You’ll cement your relationship in no time.

3 They Make You Feel Good about Yourself

No matter what you look like, your aunt will never stop loving you. So anytime you feel down in the dumps about your looks, your lack of good career choices or your relationship troubles, go hang out with your aunt for awhile. She’ll encourage you to be your best and will make a big deal out of how great you are. In no time, you’ll feel good again and will be ready to get back to life.

4 She Helps Your Parents

This is especially true if your aunt is older than your parents are. Chances are she has her own kids and can give your mom valuable advice about issues she faces while raising you. You might not know this is happening, but you’ll for sure benefit as you grow. I know that I call my sisters all the time for parenting advice, so my kids are super lucky to have that input on my side so they get the best of me.

5 Mentoring

Maybe you need help getting your resume together or want advice about applying to grad school. No matter what the dilemma is, chances are your aunt can help. She can give you great advice based on her own experiences or can help you work through an issue until you come to the solution. Plus, she’ll make the whole thing more fun.

6 Adult Friendship

When you were a little girl, your aunt probably played with you, bought you clothes and took you places. Now that you’re grown, you can foster a healthy, girly friendship with your aunt. She’ll never let you down and will always be there for you. When your other friends are hard to get a hold of or treat you badly, your aunt is just a visit or phone call away to show you how a real friend treats you.

7 Connection to Your Family

Your aunt is a great way to learn more about your family. Maybe she can fill you in on your grandparents' lives if they can’t do so themselves. She can share stories about your parents when they were little or introduce you to cousins you’ve never met. She might be your friend and she might be super fun to hang out with, but she’s also a great connection to your family.

Do you have a favorite aunt? How has she influenced your life?

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