7 Reasons Why Alicia Florrick is a Role Model for Young Women ...

Having recently joined the rest of the world in subscribing to Netflix, I have become totally obsessed with The Good Wife, and its main character, Alicia Florrick. The show focuses on a woman returning to her career after having raised a family due to the arrest and disgrace of her husband, the State’s Attorney of Chicago. Not only does Alicia Florrick take the Chicago courts by storm, she does it with style, integrity and a good dose of kick-ass, and that’s why young women everywhere should take note.

1. She’s Intelligent

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There’s nothing that makes for more of an empowering role model for young women than intelligence, and Alicia Florrick has that in spades. Episode after episode you can see her formidably taking on those with much more experience, usually to their detriment. With a culture that values sexuality and dieting above all else, having a leading lady that exudes intelligence is great for young women.

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