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7 Reasons to Say Yes when He Asks You to Prom ...

By Sabrina

When he asks you to prom, you may be tempted to automatically say no for a number of reasons. It seems like more fun just to go with your girlfriends, and if you're not in a relationship, why go out with some guy from your English class just for the heck of it? But in all actuality, there are tons of reasons to say yes when he asks you to prom; here are a few.

1 Free Ticket

Okay this one’s a no brainer... and maybe even a little shallow. But let’s face it, if you say yes when he asks you to prom, you get to attend the most important dance of your high school experience for free! A free ticket shouldn’t be your only reason to say yes to a prom invite, but it certainly doesn’t hurt either, especially if you like the guy.

2 Time of Your Life

Many teenagers consider prom to be the time of their lives! And if your choices are either go with a date or mope around home in your PJs all night, you should definitely go to prom! Your date doesn’t have to be your Prince Charming for you to have a great time. He could be a male friend, boyfriend or crush. No matter what, he’ll help make your prom night special and wonderful- just the way you want it to be!


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3 Bigger Group

Your date has friends, and his friends have friends, and they have girlfriends, who have friends. You can see where this is going! A date means a bigger group, bigger limo, and bigger after party! If you’re a firm believer in “bigger is better,” you shouldn’t shy away from saying yes when he asks you to prom, because you’re sure to have a great time and get to know new people all night long!

4 Excuse to Dress up

If you’re anything like me, you love getting dressed and dolled up! You could put on a party dress and do your makeup just to stay home, but it’s always more fun to show off your new look to others. Prom is an excuse to dress up more opulently than any other night of the school year! So say yes to the boy who finally built up the courage to ask you to prom, and you’ll get a chance to deck out your style and show it off too- with a piece of eye candy on your arm.

5 He Really Tried

Did your potential date buy you a dozen roses and play your favorite song on the loud speaker when he asked you to prom? If he put a lot of time and effort into asking, give it a thought, especially if you like him! Which brings me to...

6 You like Him

Like the “free ticket” reason, this one is a no brainer. If you like a guy, and have been waiting for him to ask you out, you shouldn’t hesitate to say yes when he asks you to prom! What would be a better first date than at prom? Who knows - a relationship may bloom just from you saying that one key word when he invites you to prom!

7 He’s Your Best Friend

Let’s say it isn’t your crush who asks you, and it isn’t anyone who has a crush on you. Maybe it’s your best friend! Odds are, you love and care for your best friend more than you do any guy you have a crush on. So when it’s your best friend who’s holding the roses and playing your favorite song, you should say yes! He knows you better than any other guy in the school; he won’t try to take advantage of you or do anything to make your prom night anything less than perfection. Plus, you wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings! You can’t go wrong when it’s your best friend who takes you to prom, so say yes!

Prom is going to be a night to remember whether you like it or not, so you might as well go with the right person! “Will you go to prom with me?” seems like such a simple question, but there’s so much to consider before you say yes or no! Why would you say yes to your date?

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