Reasons to Give πŸ“ Teenagers a Break πŸ™ ...

There are lots of reasons to give teenagers a break. In the grand scheme of things, teenagers are often tarred with one singular brush and receive a bad reputation as a result of that. You might be a mature adult in 2018, but there is no denying that, at some point in the not too distant past, you were a fully fledged member of the teenage population yourself! They might be loud, they might be argumentative, and they might be impossible to understand once you cross the bridge of youth yourself, but we happen to think that teenagers deserve a little more respect and understanding than many people are currently affording them. Here are just a few of the many reasons to give teenagers a break.

1. They’re Only Animals

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Human teenagers aren’t unique; they are just another part of a huge animal kingdom age group that is present in lots of different species. Even animals as small as mice go through teenage periods where their behaviour is slightly altered and different from the adult mice, so when your teenager is acting up, just remember that they can’t help it, they are just going through a part of life that is common throughout all of the animal kingdom! And that's one of the biggest reasons to give teenagers a break.

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