7 Quotes on Body Image Every Teen Should Know ...


Quotes on body image can make a huge difference in the way teens view themselves. Reading the wise words of others always helps shape my opinions and beliefs for the better. Hopefully, after reading these quotes on body image, you’ll have a better understanding of how and why you should love your body!

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Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom I'd like to start with one of the most important quotes on body image for teens. The "flaws" you notice now won't go away; your body will change but it might not be in the way you want it to. But your so-called-flaws are exactly what make you beautiful. If we all used surgery and other extreme methods of changing our bodies, there'd be no nuance diversities that make the human race the beautiful species that it is, that you enable it to be!


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Looking your best and feeling your best are two very different things. You can look fabulous, but be unhappy or uncomfortable, or feel amazing in your own skin. Being comfortable and feeling great in your own skin is an important lesson that you should learn sooner rather than later.


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence You can't put it more simply than that! It doesn't make any sense to sacrifice your happiness just to conform to standards of beauty. Your body is bound to change as you grow up, and starving yourself won't stop or help that. You should only care about making yourself happy rather than making other, judgmental people happy.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey The key to accepting your body and letting go of body image pressures is being grateful to your body. If you have a working heart, brain, and limbs you need to be thankful for all your body does for you. Once you do this, you'll learn to love yourself more than ever before.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Girls aren’t born to be insecure; they’re shaped by society to be that way. It’s a terrible, ugly tragedy that seems impossible to escape. But with the right amount of self-love and self-respect, you can forget about society’s impossible standards to be skinny, but not too skinny, and curvy, but not too curvy! It’s all confusing and the system is “ugly”, but you are beautiful.


Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres Ellen is one of my greatest female role models, and here’s a reason why. She’s so comfortable in her own skin, and proud of who she is that she hasn’t let anything or anyone get in her way of success. Being beautiful is a result of being comfortable with who you are, which is unique, “flawed”, and human. Once you acknowledge that and begin to accept who you are, coping with your body image will be a problem of the past.


Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Tyra Banks is beautiful beyond belief, in practically any society’s standards. Still, she fights to motivate girls to love their own bodies. Insecurity attacks girls of all shapes, sizes, and colors but it’s important to remember that we are all equally gorgeous. Next time you walk by a mirror, don’t poke at your fat, or point out your flaws, instead find the unique beauty that only you possess.

After reading this, I hope you realize how uniquely beautiful your body is, and know that it’s never necessary to take extreme measures to change your body in any way. What quote did you love the most? What do you think is your most uniquely beautiful trait?

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This is awesome!


this really helped me out.

This made me cry... I constantly feel ugly and overweight and these quotes were exactly what I needed to hear!!!

LOVED #7!!!!❤️

Thank you! to view our bodies as we would a glass of water. it is half full!!!

Amazing!!!!! ;)

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