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9 Quotes for Teens with Big Dreams ...

By Sabrina

I know how hard it is for big dreaming teens to not get bogged down by the negativity in their lives and in their own heads, but these quotes for teens with big dreams have helped me hold on to my massive goals. As a big dreaming teen, people around you will constantly try to pull you down, hopefully not purposefully, but it may happen nonetheless. These quotes for teens can help you stay focused on your hard-to-reach dreams through high school and beyond, because dreaming big is what you’re meant to do!

1 Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono One of my favorite quotes for teens with big dreams comes from the lovely and creative Yoko Ono. This quote reminds you that all of your dreams now are serving a purpose, because achieving your dreams helps you create the next beautiful world for the future. Without young, big dreaming women like you, the future would be dull and uneventful. So never stop dreaming, for yourself and future generations!

2 Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss is a master of dreaming big, and a great inspiration for young people who have huge dreams! Whenever people around you doubt your success, just remember that soon you’ll be on your way up and seeing great sights as you join all the other high fliers who soar to high heights. You’re capable of greatness, and it’s in your future. Anyone who argues otherwise clearly doesn’t know you well enough, so you just need to work that much harder to prove your talent to them!

3 Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt History remembers the big dreamers with visions of what they wanted for themselves and the world. People like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln knew what they wanted, dreamed of better worlds, and made their dreams come true in the future. Now, and hundreds of years in the future, they will be remembered. You will be too, if you refuse to let go of your dreams and instead believe fully in the beauty of your dreams.

4 Anonymous

Anonymous It’s easy to dream big, but it’s a whole other story to follow through on them. That’s why you need to find dreams that mean the most to your heart and work to achieve those. Because when you follow your heart, your dreams will come true!

5 Walt Disney

Walt Disney If any man knew how to dream it was Walt Disney. And if there was ever a man who knew how to follow through and achieve his dreams, it was Mr. Disney too. So it only makes sense for ambitious teens to live by these wise words. It may not seem so simple, but ultimately you can do whatever you dream. If you have a desire in your heart that’s so strong you dream of it night and day, how could you not achieve it? The only person who can actually stop you from achieving your dreams is you, so shut out all the negativity, then dream, trust, and do!

6 John Lennon

John Lennon If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ve probably heard John Lennon’s song “Imagine” at least a dozen times. Well, there’s a reason Imagine is so popular! The lyrics are inspired and, more importantly, true! It always helps to know you’re not alone, and it hurts to be isolated especially when you’re a teen. So this line from Imagine can inspire you to keep on dreaming because you’re not the only one doing it. There are millions of other dreamers around the world reaching for the stars, and rooting for you to grasp your star someday soon!

7 Colin Powell

Colin Powell From birth to about age thirteen, most things come to you relatively easily. Your parents pay the bills, put food on the table and clothes on your back, teachers go easy on you. But once high school begins, it’s time to work hard for what you want. The teenagers who actually make their dreams come true don’t stand around waiting for their perfect future to magically fall into their hands; they work hard each day toward their goal. If you know your dreams are far-fetched, you should keep in mind that it takes swat, determination, and hard work!

8 George Eliot

George Eliot Your teenage years may seem like forever (even though they go by quickly!), so you think you’ve missed your boat time and time again. But it’s never too late to be who you might have been. I’ve changed my mind on my dream college a thousand times since starting high school, but at the beginning of my Junior year I finally settled on Harvard. Part of me thinks it’s too late; I should have been preparing since elementary school if I want to get in! But the other part knows that it’s never too late to achieve any dreams, and that as long as I work hard, I can achieve anything I set my mind on. And the same is true for you! So whatever it is you want most in life, never give up, even if you think the time for it has passed.

9 Orison Swett Marden

Orison Swett Marden Everyone wants to achieve something great. Whether it’s big or small, a one time occurrence or everyday habit, greatness is in our DNA. Correction - greatness is in the DNA of great dreamers. But lucky for you, you are a big dreamer, capable of achieving great things! So if you want to be one of the next great achievers of our generation, you’ve got to hold onto your dreams until they become reality!

There are doubters and downers around every corner, but you need to block them out and keep on dreaming. But if you ever stop dreaming, these quotes will remind you of why you became a big dreamer in the first place, and why it’s important that you never abandon your dreams. Which one of these quotes helps you the most? What other quotes are great for teens with big dreams?

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