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No one said that dealing with rejection from your dream school would be easy. It means swallowing a lot of difficult emotions, facing your fears, and, in a way, accepting defeat. But remember that when you're dealing with rejection from your dream school, all hope is not lost! So reflect on these quotes when you're struggling to handle the awful feelings that come with rejection letters.

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Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov The first thing to acknowledge when dealing with rejection from your dream school is this simple truth. Rejection letters are heartbreaking, but ultimately unavoidable. If you had gotten into this school, you probably would have gotten rejected from at least one other. Rejection is just life's way of strengthening your spirit, so that you can emerge from the pain and evolve into a stronger person.


Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson Liam Neeson's quote about rejection applies to many more people than just actors and actresses. We all face rejection for ridiculous reasons. You might be the ideal student, but, because there are so many other applicants, you get rejected. This doesn't mean you are any less of an impressive student, and you shouldn't take rejection as meaning too much.


Bo Bennett

Bo Bennett Even though it's painful, rejection is useful. It builds character and toughens your skin. In the grand scheme of things, the sadness you feel now won't last. However, the triumph you feel after getting over it, and the life experience this situation will provide you with you will!


Mark Twain

Mark Twain If a school is negative toward you, there's one simple truth you ought to remember: you don't need that sort of negativity in your life! If a college doesn't want you, then really you don't want them! Focus on the fact that the college you eventually attend will be filled with great people who will build you up. You will leave your college a stronger, smarter young woman.


James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke Have you ever heard the phrase "You have to pay your dues?" Well, it's pretty accurate! In nearly every field, you have to pay your dues. Whether it's being an extra before you're the lead role or making coffee runs before you're CEO, every job requires some sort of dues to be paid. Now, just think of rejection as the same thing! Rejection is just one step in paying your dues. College students are all familiar with rejection, so before you become one of the alumni of one amazing institution, you may have to face rejection from another.


Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters Sometimes, you don't have to accept defeat! When my sister wasn't accepted into her college, she appealed and, while it was somewhat of a hassle, she eventually got in! When your ship doesn't come in, you might just have to swim after it. It can't hurt to try! Contact your school, write letters, and fight for your place!


Les Brown

Les Brown Don't let the fear of rejection discourage you from setting and aiming for goals. Goals are infinitely important, especially as a young person! You should always shoot for the moon, because you might just make it. But don't be too devastated if you don't make it exactly where you expected; because if you fall short of your goal, in this case your top-pick college, you will still land among the stars, another completely worthy university!

I am currently in the throes of college application season, so I know how stressed out all my fellow prospective college students must be! Hopefully none come at all, but if you do get a "thin envelope", just remember these words of wisdom! Which of these quotes stood out to you the most?

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I got into my dream school

I'm waiting for my dream school's letter again because I got deferred. These quotes really helped though!

Thanks this helped a lot since I'm waiting for one from my top choice, UT Austin.

At my school we have a saying, "college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won." That's really helpful to remember; if they don't want you, it's just not the right match.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I just got accepted to one of my dream schools, Stanford, and got invited to an interview with another, Harvard. Good luck to everyone still applying or waiting! Just wanted to let you know that, sometimes, dreams do come true! -Sabrina Yates

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