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Enduring a first breakup is by no means an easy task, but these quotes for a first breakup may help ease your pain. First loves are crazy enough as they are, but first breakups leave you with a whole mess of emotions you have no idea how to deal with. Luckily, you aren’t alone in your confusion! Teens have been dealing with the madness we call romance for centuries. These quotes for a first breakup will help you pick yourself up and move on, even when it seems impossible!

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John Green

John Green First of all, you shouldn’t feel bad for feeling bad. Breakups are no joke; they can leave you heartbroken and hopeless for a long time. That’s why John Green’s words are among the best quotes for a first breakup. If you’re ever going to move on, you first have to endure that awful period of pain. But in order to emerge a healthier, happier person, you need to acknowledge that this pain is real, and that you’ll be stronger because of it.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Every relationship has its ups and downs, and after an ugly breakup you may find yourself fixating on all the bad parts sometimes and all the good parts at other times. When you’re focused on all of the happy times you and your ex had together, you’ll wonder why your relationship ever fell apart. But while what you had together may have been good or even amazing, your relationship ended for a reason. And that reason is that now something even better can fall together.


Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards Getting through a first breakup is like braving a storm; there is a hurricane of new emotions and sudden darkness where there once was light. But you have the ability to stand up in this storm, and you won’t get blown away because you’re stronger than you can ever imagine. Once you realize this, you’ll adjust your sails and direct your focus elsewhere; toward your schoolwork, yourself, or friends and family. You’ll find that you’re in control of your life and how bad it gets, not any ex who broke your heart.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe had one of the most famous love-lives in Hollywood’s history, so she’s as credible a source on breakups as they come. This second quote from the blonde bombshell reminds you that you don’t need anyone who doesn’t need you. Of course you’ll miss your ex, but you’re better off without them. You can accomplish great things all on your own, and the only people you’ll need along the way will need you too. So, even though it’s hard to leave your ex in the past, that is where they belong.


Genevieve Rhode

Genevieve Rhode You’ve been knocked down, now it’s time to get up. You’ve been moping around the house in your PJs, eating three containers of Ben & Jerry’s a day, now it’s time to dress up. You’ve been avoiding meeting new, single guys or girls, now it’s time to show up. And no matter how much more rejection, sadness, or hopelessness you face down the road, you can’t ever give up. Following these four simple rules ensures much more happiness after a first breakup than ignoring them and waiting for this storm to pass. Just collect yourself, put on your hottest outfit, and show the world that it can’t keep you down for long.

Famous Quotes

Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Alfred Lord Tennyson

Alfred Lord Tennyson Even if you’ve just experienced your first breakup, you’ve probably heard this quote before. And it’s true. While the pain of a breakup may seem unbearable now, the pain is probably only bad because the relationship was so good. For the rest of your life, you’ll have incredible memories shared with your ex, ones that can never be taken away from you. If you remember this on the days when your heart seems like it’s been torn in two, you’ll know that you’re actually lucky to have loved and lost.


Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde While the term “heartbreak” implies that your heart has been shattered and destroyed, that simply isn’t the case. Hearts grow by being wounded. Heartbreak makes you stronger and wiser, while happiness can result in a stagnant life. The pain you feel now will certainly pay off in the long run, as long as you don’t let it consume you. Let the wounds on your heart heal and build you up into a better woman.

Almost every girl dreams of the day when her Prince Charming will enter her life, sweep her off her feet and fall madly in love with her. But no girl dreams of her first breakup, and how she will deal with it. Luckily, many wise people in the past have worked to ease your pain in this time, by offering wise words like those in these quotes. Which of these quotes helped you the most? What other quotes do you think would help a girl recovering from her first breakup?

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I broke up. With a lot of guys , I'm a total flirt

after the breakup ...but we both still have the urge to have wild passionate sex once or twice aweek with eachother. (sick puppies

Tennyson is buried in the town I live 💕 Wonderful poet. Beautiful quote

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