7 Quotes about Insecurity for Teens ...

Insecurity is a huge issue for most teens, including myself, and I often turn to quotes about insecurity to give myself some much-needed perspective. These quotes about insecurity come from a wide variety of wise speakers and stars, who know what it means to be insecure- we all do! I hope that after you read the following quotes, you’ll see that who you are is so amazing, you should be totally confident in yourself!

1. Teddy Roosevelt

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Before you begin tackling the issue of insecurity, you need to know where it comes from. Insecurity is most often the result of comparing yourself to others, to their money, lives, looks, or even families. But Teddy Roosevelt, the widely acclaimed American president, points out that comparison is the thief of joy in this quote about insecurity. So why would you purposefully rob yourself of joy?

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