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7 Quotes about Insecurity for Teens ...

By Sabrina

Insecurity is a huge issue for most teens, including myself, and I often turn to quotes about insecurity to give myself some much-needed perspective. These quotes about insecurity come from a wide variety of wise speakers and stars, who know what it means to be insecure- we all do! I hope that after you read the following quotes, you’ll see that who you are is so amazing, you should be totally confident in yourself!

1 Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy RooseveltBefore you begin tackling the issue of insecurity, you need to know where it comes from. Insecurity is most often the result of comparing yourself to others, to their money, lives, looks, or even families. But Teddy Roosevelt, the widely acclaimed American president, points out that comparison is the thief of joy in this quote about insecurity. So why would you purposefully rob yourself of joy?

2 Steven Furtick

Steven FurtickOkay, so comparison is the root of that evil we call insecurity; now what do you do with that information? It will be close to impossible for you to stop comparing yourself to others altogether, but remembering this quote from Pastor Steven Furtick can definitely help bring things into perspective. What you compare your true self to is the version of other people that others want you to see. You never know what sort of demons people are fighting behind the scenes, so keep that in mind the next time you catch yourself comparing.

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3 Adele

AdeleMaybe comparing yourself to others isn’t the primary reason for your insecurity; maybe it is the direct action of other people. The wise, beautiful, and talented Adele has some advice for someone in your shoes- get out of them! If your friends constantly point out your “flaws,” thus aggravating your insecurities, you’re not obligated to put up with them; you can walk away at any moment.

4 Drew Barrymore

Drew BarrymoreTeenagers can be insecure about a number of things, but I think it’s safe to say the number one insecurity teens have is not looking “pretty.” Whether it’s thinking they’re too skinny or too fat, too pale or too dark, girls often lack confidence in how pretty they are. Luckily, Drew Barrymore reminds us that the only trait that can actually make you pretty is happiness. We can’t all be a size zero, and we can’t all be naturally curvy; we can’t all be the same color or have the same features but one thing we can all be is happy. So happiness is how you truly defeat insecurity.

5 Emma Watson

Emma WatsonIt’s great to love the way you look, and that’s an important step in conquering your insecurities. But for me, I was unable to love myself on the outside until I came to love myself on the inside. It wasn’t until I thought, “Hey Sabrina, you’re pretty amazing,” and really believed it, that I could recognize my physical body as beautiful. I know that not everyone I meet will agree that I am beautiful on the outside or on the inside, and as you go through life people with ugly hearts will call you ugly too. But as long as you remember that beauty comes from within, you’ll be able to be so confident that negativity cannot phase you.

6 Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey SidibeGabourey Sidibe is a role model for lots of young women, and a main reason for that is her staggering self-confidence! Like Gabourey says, it’s your decision to love yourself. You’re the source of your own confidence, and only you can successfully destroy insecurity. As long as you love yourself, one day you’ll reach a point where you wonder why you were ever insecure in the first place!

7 Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von FurstenbergWhen it comes down to it, insecurity is really just a waste of time. You’re young, you’re full of life, and you have limitless opportunities awaiting you! Step away from the mirror, stop fixating on your inner and outer flaws, and live your life! Right now it may seem like all that matters are your flaws, but you have more admirable attributes than you could imagine! Focus on them and use them to your advantage as you blossom into the incredible young women you are destined to become.

Dealing with insecurity is no easy task, but it’s one most people face. Fortunately, if you can boost your confidence when you’re young, it may be easier to ward off insecurity in the future. Which of these quotes do you think will help you accomplish that?

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