9 Quick Ways to Become Friends with Your New Dormmates ...


You've moved into a dorm for the first time and now you're faced with trying to find ways to become friends with new dormmates. It's honestly not as hard as it sounds. While you may not be friends with everyone around, you can make friends with quite a few people. Once you learn the ways to become friends with new dormmates, you'll likely find you have brand new friends for life.

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Be Respectful of Each Other's Space

One of the quickest ways to ruin a potential friendship is to move, borrow or toss out what belongs to someone else. Dorm space is limited, which makes every object and area precious. One of the easiest ways to become friends with new dormmates is to be respectful of their space and belongings. Respect goes a long way and it stops animosity from building.


Find Common Ground

One of the hardest things about becoming friends with dormmates is striking up a conversation. Start by finding some common ground. Maybe you have the same classes or lived in the same state. Perhaps you both love the same bands. Start with some small talk and you'll be surprised at what you have in common. Once you uncover that, you'll have longer conversations and better friendships.


Accept Differences

College is a place where all types of people come together. Don't judge your dormmates on their religion, political views or lifestyle. Unless it's harmful to you, accept their differences. Remember, you're different to them too. Once you look beyond what's unique about them, it's much easier to be friends.


Set Ground Rules

Often times, dormmates end up hating each other because all they do is argue. Set aside at least an hour after you move in together to talk. Explain what your pet peeves are, what you need in order to do your best at school and any odd quirks you might have. Talking about potential issues helps prevent arguments later. Plus, it helps both of you set ground rules for a friendlier, more peaceful environment.


Attend a Campus Event Together

With numerous events always going on, take the opportunity to try something new together. A new experience is a great way to become friends. It gives you both something to talk about. Plus, if it's something you both enjoy, you can make it a regular thing. You can also take turns suggesting new events to attend. Not only will the two of you become friends, but you'll meet new people as well.


Be Friendly

This one should be obvious, but in the stress of moving in and dealing with new classes, attitudes are sometimes less than pleasant. Remember, you're living with your dormmates. If you start the relationship as a sourpuss, you're not going to be well liked. Make a good first impression by being friendly and respectful from day one. It may be hard, but it's well worth it later on.


Explore Campus Together

This works best if both of you are new to the campus or at least one of you is new. Spend some time strolling around and learning where buildings and classes are. Knowing where to go is something both of you need to know. Doing it together encourages you to discuss your classes and fears about professors and to learn more about each other's majors.


Respect Privacy

Sometimes it's easy to forget it's not just about you anymore. You're sharing a room with someone else. Privacy is difficult already. Talk to your dormmate before bringing people over, playing music or borrowing something. Believe it or not, simply respecting each other's privacy goes a long way towards becoming friends. Plus, talking will help you learn more about your dormmates.


Invite Them out with Friends

If you already have other friends on campus, invite your dormmate to go out with you and your friends. It's a great way to hang out in a group environment and relax a little. They also feel more accepted. They'll do the same for you with their own group of friends. Not only will this help the two of you become friends, it'll also help you become friends with their friends.

No matter what else you do, just be yourself and respect your dormmates. These two things alone will help you quickly become friends. What have you done to become better friends with your own dormmates?

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