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7 Quick Tips to Follow for Your Senior Trip ...

By Vladlena

If you are an upcoming senior, one of the several things you have to look forward to is the senior trip. This will be the time when you will finally be able to feel what it is like to be a part of the graduating class! The main reason behind the senior class trip is for you to make final memories and really connect with your classmates on a deeper level. To make sure that you live it up during your senior trip and get the most out of it, here are some simple tips for your upcoming senior trip.

1 Participate in Every Activity

Once you are on your senior trip, don’t shy away from any activity! Hit the dance floor even if you can’t dance or do karaoke even if you exclusively sing in the shower. The more you get out of your comfort zone and really let loose, the more memorable this experience will be when you look back on it. So pack your schedule because believe me, you won’t regret it!

2 Bring Some Form of Entertainment

Although your day might be packed with exciting events with your whole graduating class, there will still be some dull moments throughout the day and even after curfew. So to make sure you have things to do at all times, pack a few board games or cards! This way you will still be able to have fun without resorting to technology.

3 Pack Only Essentials

While the senior trip usually lasts for a single weekend, the packing can be quite arduous. So in order to avoid that chaos, make a list of only the necessary items you will need for those two to three days. As a senior who recently got back from her senior trip I can confidently say that all you need is comfortable clothing, toiletries and undergarments.

4 Get a Decent Amount of Sleep

I know how tempting it is to pull an all-nighter when you are with your friends with no adult supervision, but keep in mind that you will need the energy for next day’s activities. So while you can stay up later than usual, give yourself a decent amount of sleep just so that you are not missing out on the fun!

5 Take Pictures

It is hard to find the time to capture everything on camera when all you want to do is participate in the fun. However while you should definitely be living in the moment and taking everything in, try to snap a few shots here and there just for the sake of memories. Years from now you will want to look back and it is nice to have a few photos alongside the memories that you can recover.

6 Purchase a Few Souvenirs

To go along with the previous point, it would be a good idea to purchase a few souvenirs from the place where you are staying. Whether it is a key chain, a mug or a tee shirt, it would be nice to take a piece of that trip back home. This trip will most likely be a momentous and an eye-opening experience, and a souvenir will always take you back to that weekend.

7 Expand Your Circle of Friends

It would be best not to set high expectations for this trip, after all your school is probably on a low budget. However, this trip will be what you make of it! Therefore, instead of just socializing with your usual group of friends, try to branch out and get to know the people you don’t usually hang out with. Merging different groups of friends will result in amplified fun, so don’t limit yourself and make this a unique experience.

In hindsight, senior trip is a really bonding experience that will truly become the highlight of your senior year. The amount of fun you might have is all up to you. Besides the senior trip, what are you the most excited for during your senior year of high school?

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