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Unless you have a passion for a specific career or know exactly which industry you want to work in the future, it can be hard to pick your major. Sometimes even if you do know, it can be confusing to figure out which career would be the best. But, it becomes even harder and more confusing when you don’t have a career path as a clear vision into your future. What jobs would you be good at? What majors will be useful for whichever job you eventually choose? Here are some personality tests to help you decide. P.S. - they’re also helpful if you want a career change but don’t know what to do.

1. Personal Strengths Inventory

This is a free test you can take within around half an hour. It is based on Martin Seligman's concept of character virtues and strengths. People spend so much time trying to fix themselves by working on their weaknesses that they forget to exploit their strengths. If anything, it may help you recognize your worth as a human, which is a stark contrast to what most personality tests are selling.

The TypeFinder® Research Edition
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