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Moms and maternal figures are notorious for advising their daughters from day one, but there are several pieces of advice from your mom you shouldn’t ignore, even if they seem to come a dime a dozen. Advice from your mom is invaluable; it comes from experience, love, and a desire to protect you. So next time your mom teaches you one of these lessons, listen up!

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Be Yourself

Your mom made you. Even if she’s an adoptive mother or godmother, she made you into the person you are today. That’s why she doesn’t want you to change for anyone! When you receive advice from your mom encouraging you to be yourself, take it. Being yourself honors not only your true self, but also your parents.


Work Hard in School

Slacking off in school is tempting, so it might get annoying to have your mom on your case about working hard 24/7. But remember that your mom has a lot more experience than you, and therefore a greater perspective. Maybe she slacked off in school and had to face the consequences, and wants to save you from a similar fate. Or perhaps she worked hard in school and reaped such great rewards that she desires a similar path for you. Regardless, it’s important to respect your mother’s wishes and work as hard as you can in school!


Be Careful

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been telling me to be careful. No matter where I’m headed or whom I’m meeting, my mom always advises me to be careful! At one point, I got really annoyed by this because I thought it meant she didn’t trust me, but this simple piece of advice is actually one of the best things a mother can tell her daughter! The world, unfortunately, is a scary place, especially for teenage girls. So when your mom tells you to be careful, heed her advice by doing whatever you can to protect yourself!


She’s There for You

Many teens struggle with feeling independent. In order to break out on their own, they break off from their parents completely. But this doesn’t help anyone! Your mom is there for you—always. She’s the one you can go to when you’ve gone through a rough breakup or just been rejected from the college of your dreams. You don’t have to face this world alone, certainly not now, and not in the future either!


Inner Beauty is What Matters

In a society that praises physical beauty above almost anything else, it’s difficult to believe this bit of motherly advice. But it’s really true! Your inner beauty is what will attract the right partner for you, and is what will truly make you happy. Outer beauty can be altered by time, surgery, and injuries. Your inner beauty, on the other hand, is durable as long as you maintain a strong spirit!


Speak Your Mind

If your mom taught you to speak your mind, you’re lucky! For centuries women were taught to be seen and not heard. Fortunately, times have changed. Many mothers now encourage curiosity and assertiveness. When your mom advises you to speak your mind, do so! You never know the impact your voice can have.


Follow Your Dreams

As cheesy as this line sounds, it possesses a greater meaning than it seems to at first. Your mom believes that you are capable of accomplishing anything, that’s why she instructs you to follow your dreams! And pursuing your passion will only make your life more fulfilling, so why not obey your mom’s advice in this case?

Motherly advice is absolutely priceless! If you’re blessed enough to have a caring mother figure in your life, make sure you take most—if not all—of her advice to heart! Which of these wisdoms did your mom pass on to you?

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3&4 and I love my mum very much:)

so true!

So true!

friends come and go, but there is only one mother. remember that ladies.

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