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7 Perks of Having an Older Sibling ...

By Vladlena

Sometimes having an older brother or sister can feel like you have a third parent, but there are actually many perks of having an older sibling. Although all sibling relationships come with occasional bickering and misunderstandings, you get the chance to have someone else there for support besides your parents. And let’s admit it, growing up with a sibling was way more exciting than playing by yourself! Let’s take a look at some of the many perks of having an older sibling.

1 You Learn from Them

One of the most important perks of having an older sibling is that you get the chance to learn from their actions. Soon enough you will be following their footsteps as you enter adulthood but unlike your sibling, you will have something to use as a guide. You can learn from their mistakes and vicariously go through certain experiences. You won’t feel lost because you have someone there who has more than likely been through it before you.

2 You Can Borrow Their Clothes

If your sibling is of the same sex and size as you, you have the luxury of raiding their closet. Whenever you grow bored of your own fashion pieces, you can borrow a few items from your sister or brother, but of course with their permission!

3 They Help You out when Your Parents Can’t

If you have an older sibling, you understand how helpful it is to have them by your side when you need help. For example, it can be as simple as explaining your homework or helping with a school project. They take care of you when your parents are not able to.

4 You Can Talk to Them

Depending on how close you are with your parents, there are some things that you might be more comfortable to talk about with your sibling instead. For example, if you are hesitating to bring up a topic with your parents, you can discuss it with your sister and brother first and get some advice.

5 Older Siblings Usually Take the Heat

As unfair as it may be let’s face it, older siblings usually take the heat, especially when you were under the age of 10. Parents recognize them as the more capable and mature children, considered to be in charge. Although later in life you equally face the consequences, at least you’ve dodged a bullet a couple of times thanks to your sibling.

6 Sometimes They Act like Your Bodyguard

Sometimes older brother and sisters can be as protective as your parents. They want to inspect whom you are dating and whom you are friends with. It is as if you have a personal bodyguard whenever you need one. However siblings also know their limits, so they know when to back off.

7 You Get to Be the Baby of the House

One of the best things about having an older sibling is that you get to be the baby of the house. No matter how old you are, your parents will always see you as a baby and although it doesn’t make a difference to how much they love you, there is something comforting about carrying that title!

Despite the fact that older siblings sometimes come along with love-and-hate relationships, we still treasure them for the listed reasons above. They make a nice companion throughout life and they are someone to lean on besides your parents. So what is your favorite part of having an older sibling? However if you are the older sibling yourself, what are you favorite parts of being one?

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