Awesome Back to School 🏫📚 Mottos for Girls Needing a Boost in Motivation👏🏼 ...

Going back to school makes everyone feel a bit anxious and apprehensive. It’s normal to feel this way at the beginning of a new school year. But taking some time to think about the changes you want to make and the attitude you want to have this year is helpful and can be summed up in a motto. These are some mottos that can help you have your best year yet.

1. “if You Want Friends then Be a Friendly Person.”

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Do you want to make more friends this year? Maybe you have tons of friends but they ended up in different classes than you. Whatever the situation, this is a good motto to remember. Being friendly is the key to making more friends. After all, it’s hard to make friends if you won’t open up and talk to others.

2. “if at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again.”

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Some things don’t come to you as easily as others. Maybe you’re a whiz at history but algebra is kicking your butt. Whatever your most difficult subject is, you may have to work a bit harder at it. It may take a bit before you catch on. But with the determination this motto reminds you to have, you’ll get it.

3. “There is No Substitute for Hard Work.”

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This is actually a quote by Thomas Edison, but it makes a good motto, too. Part of doing well can be your natural ability and intelligence, but the other half of the equation is hard work. School equals a lot of hard work if you want to make good grades. Teachers are known for saying that you have to apply yourself and that’s absolutely true.

4. “Think Positive.”

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It’s easy to be negative when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the newness of a new school year. You may feel like some of your classes are going to be difficult or worry if you’ll be able to make it to your classes on time. A variety of worries could be on your mind, but being negative won’t help things at all. Make a decision to think positive about the year ahead.

5. “Be Yourself.”

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It can be tempting to pretend to be someone you’re not when you want to fit in. You may feel that would help you to fit in easier. But you’re not going to be comfortable or happy if you’re not being yourself. You’ll feel fake and that’s an awful feeling to have. Be yourself! You’ll most likely find you make even more friends when you’re true to who you are.

6. “Reading Opens the World to You.”

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Reading is a big key to academic success. It truly does open the world to you. You can learn about anything you want to know by reading. It’s also a very pleasurable activity. It can take you on adventures into times past, present or future. There are no limits when it comes to where reading can take you.

7. “Kindness Matters.”

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Kindness is something that’s extremely valuable, but you can’t purchase it. It’s something that can only be given. It makes the world a nicer place so why not practice kindness? And there’s definitely something in it for you, too. When you’re kind to others, you’ll almost always find they treat you with kindness in return. It’s a character quality that never goes out of style.

These are 7 mottos that can help make your school year the best ever. Which of these do you plan to use? I’d love to hear from you.

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