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While the aesthetics of college campuses aren't all you should consider when applying, there is a certain “pretty factor” that goes into your college decision. You want to attend a school you will be happy at, and how gorgeous a place is affects how happy you are. Therefore you check out these stunning college campuses and see if they influence your college search!

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University of Wisconsin- Madison

University of Wisconsin- Madison Via 41 Scenic College Campuses That ...
University of Wisconsin at Madison is certainly one of the most beautiful college campuses in the U.S. and possibly the world! If you don't mind the cold and are looking for a school with stellar research program, consider this university!


Rice University

Rice University Via 41 Scenic College Campuses That ...
Rice University is in Houston, Texas, and is one of the more competitive universities in the U.S. Not only is it known for incredible academics, but also its beautiful campus!


Furman University

Furman University Via 41 Scenic College Campuses That ...
Furman University in South Carolina is a private liberal arts college that looks like it was torn straight out of a story book!


With its picturesque landscapes and stunning Georgian-style architecture, the campus exudes a fairy-tale charm that captivates its visitors. Strolling through the grounds, you'll find the iconic Bell Tower, reflecting perfectly in the tranquil Swan Lake. Colorful blooms and whispering willows frame the walkways, ensuring that every season is showcased in all its glory. Whether you're here to study or just to soak in the serene beauty, Furman's enchanting vistas provide a perfect backdrop for both scholars and dreamers alike.


Fordham University- Rose Hill

Fordham University- Rose Hill Via 41 Scenic College Campuses That ...
If you are considering attending college in the big apple, look no further than Fordham University! It is a university with a long and interesting history and a campus gorgeous beyond compare.


Fordham University- Rose Hill is a private Jesuit university located in the Bronx, New York, and is one of the oldest universities in the United States. It was founded in 1841 and is the oldest Catholic university in the northeastern United States. The university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including the highly ranked Gabelli School of Business. The Rose Hill campus is situated on a beautiful 85-acre hilltop with stunning views of the New York City skyline. It is home to several historical buildings, including the iconic Keating Hall, which dates back to 1891. The campus also features a variety of gardens, courtyards, and statues, making it a great choice for students looking for a picturesque college experience.


University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill Via 41 Scenic College Campuses That ...
Within the system of U.N.C., Chapel Hill may be the most gorgeous campus of all! It's beautiful year round and a wonderful school!

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Harvard College

Harvard College Via flickr.com
Harvard College is one of the most competitive colleges in the world! But all the hard work it takes to survive four years there is certainly worth it when the Massachusetts campus is so stunning!


Yale University

Yale University Via Yale University Library
Another stunning Ivy League is Yale University, located in New Haven, Connecticut. Both Harvard and Yale are among the first universities built in the U.S., thus both have incredible histories and reputations.


Washington University

Washington University Via 41 Scenic College Campuses That ...
Washington University is a beautiful school located in the midwest, in St. Louis Missouri. The scenery and campus are equally breathtaking!


Georgetown University

Georgetown University Via Georgetown University Waterfront by Brendan ...
Georgetown University is in the heart of the nation's capitol, looking out over a the Potomac River. Aside from the unparalleled scenery around the campus, the school itself is undeniably gorgeous!


Oxford University

Oxford University Via Wycieczka Objazdowa po Wielkiej Brytanii
Oxford University is another highly competitive school with an awe-inspiring campus! As an added bonus, parts of the school were used as the setting for the Harry Potter series!


Cambridge University

Cambridge University Via Newnham College
Another beautiful English university is Cambridge. It's one of the top schools in the U.K. and the world!


Mount Holyoke College

Mount Holyoke College Via Mount Holyoke College
Mount Holyoke College is an all women's college in Massachusetts. It is one of the original Seven Sisters and has a fascinating history to match its marvelous campus!


Brown University

Brown University Via Brown University Van Wickle Gates
The Ivy Leagues are noted for having splendid campuses, which is why Brown is the third Ivy League included in this list! Located on Rhode Island, this university is an amazing sight you won't tire of, even after four years of attending!


Stanford University

Stanford University Via Favorite Places & Spaces
Stanford is one of California's oldest colleges, but it still appears remarkably modern! The school's layout as well as academic prestige are both things to marvel at!


Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin Via Enter the Doors of Learning
Stanford’s 1885 birthdate may be ancient in Californians' minds, but Trinity College, Dublin was established in 1592! This campus is truly amazing in every sense of the word!


Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University Via West Street Number 1 / ...
Tsinghua University is a much more modern college and it certainly shows! It looks like something out of the Space Age and appeals to those who may prefer more modern beauties.


Wellesley College

Wellesley College Via Redirect to Wellesley College web ...
Another one of the Seven Sisters, Wellesley College is equally beautiful as Mount Holyoke. Nestled away in the woods of Massachusetts, this school is the hideaway campus you may be looking for.


Cornell University

Cornell University Via Cornell University Fall 2006 KF
One of two Ivy League's in the great state of New York, Cornell University is a world-renowned school with a beautiful campus.


Queen's University

Queen's University Via Dexus : Stránky kenax.cz zatím ...
Queen's University is arguably the most gorgeous college in Canada! The architecture and layout of the school make it one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.


University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow Via IMG_1973 - Edit
The University of Glasgow is located in Scotland and was founded in 1451, making it the fourth oldest university in the English speaking world!


University of Aarhus

University of Aarhus Via Most Beautiful Universities, Aarhus, Denmark, ...
This university is in Aarhus, Denmark. Studies show that people living in Denmark are the happiest in the world, and with architectural wonders like this one to marvel at, how could they not be?


Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University Via Beautiful building and houses | ...
Relatively speaking, Nanyang is an extremely new university, founded just over thirty years ago! The youth of the university shows in its modern and unique architecture.


University of Bologna

University of Bologna Via Bologna - University in Bologna ...
Opposite Nanyang University is the University of Bologna. If you want to attend an ancient college, look no further than the University of Bologna! This university was founded in 1088 and is one of the oldest universities to grant degrees in the present. The campus itself is breathtaking, but the city and country are, too!


Kenyon College

Kenyon College Via 12 Famous University and College ...
Kenyon College was put on the map by John Green, who authored The Fault in Our Stars as well as graduated from Kenyon College. But it deserves attention not just for its impressive alumni, but also for its beautiful campus and academic renown.


Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute Via Architecture Photography: Pratt Institute (c) ...
Another beautiful, modern institute is the Pratt Institute, located in the heart of New York!


The University of Virginia

The University of Virginia Via The University of Virginia #4
Virginia is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S., so it's only natural that it would also have colleges with gorgeous campuses!

There are so many wonderful colleges to choose from that your choice in where you attend college will be one of the hardest you ever make! But it's okay to be a little bit shallow when selecting a college and favor the pretty ones. Which of these campuses caught your attention?

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Cornell xx :)

I'm an alumni of Aarhus University.

These are nice, but what about colleges in the South... The real South with palm trees :-))))). I guess these are more historic. Good article.

Brooklyn College in NY is a gorgeous campus as well. Lehman College in the Bronx is amazing too!

I loved living at mount Holyoke! My camp was held there! Stunning! needs air conditioned dorms but that's another article lol

Great article!!! Thanks you so much, now I'm considering more options!!!

Ummmm Notre Dame?

Woot Woot! UW Madison #1! Go Badgers! & it's even more beautiful in person

I have visited Greenwich university in London England before, and that is simply stunning


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