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As they make some of the most lasting impacts on your life, there are a few important things to thank your teacher for - most importantly for the invaluable lessons they taught you in and out of the classroom. Most teachers are patient, loving, tolerant, honest, forgiving, encouraging, supportive, warm, kind and generous. They are real role-models for the kids they teach since they are always willing to bend over backwards for them. Sadly, a teacher’s work is not recognized as it should be; they don’t get fat paychecks, they are not celebrated as movie stars and they don’t sign autographs for endearing fans. They are just regular people who want to help you become a successful adult and that’s why they deserve our respect. Here are 7 important things to thank your teacher for:

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For Encouraging You to Keep Studying

This is definitely one of the most important things to thank your teacher for. Everyone has doubts about their interests, about what major they should choose or what other choices they should make for their career. A good teacher always encouraged you to keep studying, to test your options and to explore, to enable you to make good decisions.


For Running after School Programs

People should thank their teachers more often for running those wonderful after school programs, for grading papers each night and even for coaching. You should keep in mind that they do all those things for their kids while still trying to have a life of their own.


For Making You Put Effort into Your Work

Yes, you should thank your teacher for making you put effort into your work because you learned that good things are worth fighting for. They made you challenge yourself, they made you finish what you started, they made you care about your assignments and they always gave you second and third chances.


For Believing in You

A good teacher believed in you when no one else did, not even yourself. Their support made you motivated; they gave you courage to keep going and to not give up when you faced certain challenges. They were optimistic that you could succeed and they did everything in their power to help you fulfill your dreams and become a successful adult.


For Being Your Teacher No Matter What Was Happening in Their Life

Everyone has to face certain obstacles in their path and so did your teachers, but they didn’t let all those things that bothered them interfere with their job; they knew that their duty was to teach you so they left all their problems at the door and they found the strength to carry on and to teach through whatever was bothering them.


For Comforting You

You should always thank your teachers for being there for you, for comforting you and for giving you honest feedback on your work. Experts say that if there’s one thing you’ll never see a teacher do is give up on a student in their class, and you must agree that this is correct in most cases.


For Providing Fair and Honest Discipline

Yes, you should even thank your teacher for disciplining fairly because keeping rule and authority in the classroom is quite a tricky playing field now days. Kids are not that obedient and they must be disciplined so they will learn that they need to respect other people’s opinions and needs if they want to become responsible and successful adults when they grow up.

You should also thank your teachers for loving their jobs despite horrendous pay, for letting your imagination run wild, for trying to get you excited about class and for putting up with an educational system that is sometimes flawed. Do you know any other things to thank your teacher for? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Teachers do so much beyond the classroom. My life would have been completely different if a teacher of mine didn't care as much as she did to pull me through.

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