Teenager's Guide πŸ“– on How to Survive πŸ’ͺ High School 🏫 ...


Want to know how to survive high school? As an adult, when you look back at your high school years, if you had an average or better-than-average experience, it’s likely that you will regard them as some of the best years of your life! They are a time when your responsibilities are still minimal, and your workload isn’t anywhere near as demanding as what it will be when you go on to college and then the working world. However, the problem is that, when you are a hormonal teenager, you can’t always see things for the blessings that they are! Even though you might look back at high school with fondness, there’s no getting away from the fact that whilst you are there, it can sometimes feel like hell on earth! If you are a teen who is currently going through this, here are some tips for how to survive high school.

1. Stock Your Locker

Always make sure that your locker is stocked full of essentials that are going to make your day easier if you happen to forget something. From extra snacks to extra makeup to deodorant and hair supplies, the more you have, the less likely you are to have a crisis! And that's one of the best answers for how to survive high school.

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