7 Great Gifts for Recent Grads ...

By Kelly

7 Great Gifts for Recent Grads ...

As your son, daughter, cousin, or family friend gets their diploma from college soon, you might be wondering about the best gifts for recent grads. Should you get them something practical or fun? While each grad is different, there are a few gifts for recent grads that almost any student would love to have as they enter the real world.

Table of contents:

  1. panorama picture of their school
  2. bar starter kit
  3. coffee maker
  4. a slow cooker
  5. cute storage solutions
  6. leather wallet
  7. framed diploma

1 Panorama Picture of Their School

Leaving college can be hard, which is why a nice panorama picture of college is one of the top gifts for recent grads. This one is from Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas, but you can probably find a ton while visiting them for their graduation ceremony on campus. While they start their busy lives in the real world, they will still have a piece of college in their new lives.

2 Bar Starter Kit

While they might not remember everything they learned in their classes, your college grad will most likely remember how to drink. To start them drinking like an adult, get them this Bar Starter Kit from BarProducts.com, paired with a nice bottle of vodka, gin, or scotch. No more cheap beer and red cups for you recent grad.

3 Coffee Maker

If they didn’t drink coffee in college, they might start when they get a 9 to 5 job in the real world. Coffee will become their new best friend, and to save them from blowing a ton of money at Starbucks, a Keurig coffee maker from Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the great gifts for recent grads. You can even get them some fancy coffee beans or a great mug to go along with their new love for caffeine.

4 A Slow Cooker

Let's be honest, what college graduate is a 5-star chef? We have spent the past 4 years eating dining hall food and late night Taco Bell. A slow cooker from Bed Bath & Beyond is a great step to having delicious meals, and it takes minimal effort. They can just throw in some ingredients and have a meal ready when they get home from work.

5 Cute Storage Solutions

In any recent grad’s new apartment, there probably won’t be ample room for storage. Help them create a cute apartment by giving them some storage solutions. These Kate Spade stacking boxes are bright enough to seem like regular decoration, but will hold all the loose odds and ends in your grad’s apartment

6 Leather Wallet

Your college grad is going to need a place to put all of their new hard earned money. A Michel Kors wallet is classic and well made, so it will stand the test of time even when they rise up in the ranks past their entry level job.

7 Framed Diploma

Graduating college is a big deal, which is why a framed diploma is one of the best gifts for recent grads. They can hang it up in their new office or in their apartment as a constant reminder of their education and the hard work it took to graduate. I personally love the ones from University Frames but there are a ton of other great places to get your grad’s diploma framed.

Taking the step from college to the real world can be daunting, but with the perfect graduation gift, it can make the transition a little bit easier. What did you think of these gifts for recent grads? What are some other great gifts to give to your graduate?

Source: buzzfeed.com

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