7 Fun Winter Break Adventures for You and Your BFF ...

Finally, school is out and it's time to start planning all of the crazy, fun winter break adventures your future has in store for you! Your brain can take a break from thinking about finals, and instead focus on spending quality time with your BFF. Before you get on your boots and coat though, sit down with your friend and make a to-do list for all of your winter break adventures. Here are a few ideas to get your list started!

1. Hiking

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If you live in a warm sunny climate like me, then this winter break will mean clear skies and no mud! If you're so lucky, then you should take advantage of the outdoors and go hiking! Hiking is a very relaxing experience and a rare winter activity, considering most places are freezing cold! When you hike, you're one with nature, and may discover something new about your hiking companion, your environment, or yourself!

2. Learn a Snow Sport

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It's never too late to learn something new! This winter, you should experiment with various snow sports such as skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. As long as you don't mind the cold, these outdoor adventurous activities will be perfect for you and your bestie! You may even discover a hidden talent!

3. Hit the Ice

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If there are two things I know I will never be good at, it's ice skating and hockey. But you might be different, and you'll never know unless you try! This winter, hit the ice with a few friends and learn something new. You're sure to have tons of fun... even if you end up making a fool of yourself!

4. Make Your Own Outdoor Game

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Maybe all of these outdoor activities are just too clichΓ©d for you. If that's the case, then why not make your own? Go outside, explore a bit, and think up your own game! You and your friend can make all the rules yourself so that you're sure to love it. It will be a great memory between the two of you and something to teach other friends and family about.

5. Secretly Decorate Public Places

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The devious side in all of us will love this adventure! It's doing something naughty, but not exactly bad. Go around public places trying to decorate them as stealthily as possible! You can hang paper snowflakes, tape pictures of snowmen, or a million other festive things! Whatever you do, make sure it doesn't harm the building or any other people (we aren't vandalizing here!), and sneak away as fast as you can! You'll be spreading holiday cheer without anyone knowing, you might as well call yourself Batwoman!

6. Make a Music Video

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Every year my sister and I say that we'll make a music video over break, but we never do! So I'll live vicariously through you all, and trust that you will work on a music video with your best friend or sibling. Choose a song, make a parody, or write your own song to make a music video for. It's a great bonding activity and you might even become YouTube famous! Who knows?

7. Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt

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I love scavenger hunts! I think they're so much fun, especially when they involve going all around town or a public place. Get your friends together to go on a winter photo scavenger hunt. Divide yourselves into teams and give a list of winter themed photos they must take to each team captain. Whether it's building a snowman, or ordering hot cocoa at Starbucks, they have to take pictures of them all! And the losing team buys the winning team lunch!

There you have it! A few fun adventures to kick off your winter break! Present these to your friends and see which ones they're willing to try first, maybe you can even do all of them on the list! Which one do you want to do most?

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