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I'm sure all of us have memories of dating in high school that we still hold dear to our hearts. Being in a relationship in high school was pretty entertaining when I look back at all the silly things I used to do. For some of you, your high school relationship became your happily ever after. For others, it's just something we randomly like to reminisce about. Whether you're reminiscing on old times or just now experiencing the roller coaster ride of being in a teenage love affair, here are seven fond memories of dating in high school you'll carry with you forever.

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Passing Notes in Class

It all starts with one note. I remember my boyfriend used to pass notes to me while in class asking to copy off of my work. While we weren't in a relationship yet, it led to us interacting more often. Then, after we started dating it just went from “I need to see your worksheet” to “I want to walk with you after class.” Passing notes in class is definitely one of those fond memories of dating in high school. For the newer generation you probably now resort to texting rather than note swapping, but it's all the same.


Finding Love Letters in the Locker

This is one of my favorite memories because I used to anticipate finding a love letter or some sort of gift in my locker each day. Of course my boyfriend had my combination since we shared lockers. On special occasions - like our monthly anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine's Day - he would slide a really adorable love letter or card in my locker and it would just make me blush times two! Experiencing moments like this during school hours make the rest of the day perfect.


Holding Hands While Walking to the Bus

At the end of the day we would meet at our lockers so that we could walk to the bus ramp together. Well, you know how that goes—especially if you live far away from each other. It would be a lot of holding hands, hugging, and flirting. Once we arrived at my bus, he would hug and kiss me, and then I would just go home floating on cloud nine. For some of you, you may have had the same route as your boyfriend so doing all that extra mushy stuff wasn't necessary.


Meeting at Your Secret Place

You can't deny that you didn't have a secret place to go. Secret places were perfect for meeting during class hours. The sad part about it is you probably lied about having to use the bathroom just so you could see your love because you just couldn't take the separation any longer. Yea, we've all done it. Ours was behind a set of stairs in the science hall. Thankfully, administrators never caught us ditching class.


Skipping School

I do not condone dodging school, but when you're young and head over heels for someone, you will try just about anything to spend more time with each other. I recall skipping classes with my high school lover on days when we didn't have an important exam or class assignment. We would go to the mall or chill at the park. Don't get me wrong, I was an honors student and school always came first for me, but when I met my boyfriend, I became a dare devil. Those were fun times!


Commuting Together

Commuting back and forth to school together is definitely a fun memory. I was gifted with my very first car the summer following junior year. My boyfriend and I were super stoked about riding together senior year. Sometimes we would ride out early in the morning so that we could grab breakfast and spend some time together before heading to school. I remember feeling like a married couple during that time.


Attending School Dances

School dances are the perfect date nights for you and your high school sweetheart. Some of you may remember going out shopping together to find a matching ensemble and then using the whole day to prepare for the big night. Not only can you wait to see your friends, but you can't wait to experience your first dance with your beau. Attending school dances is definitely one of the best parts about dating in high school.

What are some other memorable moments you can think of from dating in high school? Would you relive it all over again just for fun times?

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All very sweet memories.

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