7 Fantastic Tips for Senior Pictures ...

By Sabrina

7 Fantastic Tips for Senior Pictures ...

Before you get behind the camera your last first semester of high school, consider these tips for senior pictures. The last picture you have in a school yearbook should be the best one! Plus, you’ll need these photos for graduation invitations. That’s why you should consider all of these tips for senior pictures before you smile for the camera.

1 Choose a Comfortable Environment

The most important tip for senior pictures is simply to take them in a comfortable environment. If you or your family knows any photographer, use them and not a complete stranger to take your pictures. Otherwise, you may feel awkward or uncomfortable posing for a random person! Likewise, try to choose a more isolated area to take the pictures. You don’t need to take them in your backyard, but I wouldn’t recommend taking them at a shopping mall where people will be staring at you as they shop!

2 Practice Your Smile

You might feel silly smiling at your own reflection in the bathroom mirror, but it will be worth it. Practice makes perfect in everything, smiles included! So make sure you’re happy with your happy face before you take a thousand photos of it!

3 Be Happy

At your senior pictures appointment, try to actually be happy. Obviously happiness is not always under your control, but you can make a conscious effort to avoid looking miserable or annoyed. A forced smile is not a cute smile, so be genuinely joyful when you take your senior pictures.

4 Choose Flattering Clothing

The problem with women’s clothing is that often it looks great on the rack or online, but doesn’t work for your frame. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your body; that dress or blouse simply isn’t right for your body type. But there are thousands of other adorable ensembles you can rock! So make sure you find an outfit that flatters your body and shows off how beautiful you truly are.

5 Practice Your Hair and Makeup

A great outfit is nothing without the whole package! Makeup isn’t everyone’s thing, but from time to time it’s fun to play around with, and is a great confidence booster! Unfortunately, makeup done wrong does nothing positive for you. The same goes for hairstyles conjured up two hours before your photo appointment. So practice your hair and makeup, if you plan on wearing any, a few times before your actual picture day.

6 Price Shop

Hiring a professional photographer to take your pictures is a great experience, but there is no point in spending $300.00 on senior pictures! These pictures are important, but not that important. Before you schedule your senior pictures, shop around for the best deal you can get without sacrificing quality. Because at this point of your life you should be saving for post-high school life, not over-spending when frugal alternatives exist.

7 Wear Comfortable Shoes

It’s likely that many of your photos will be taken standing up. You’re probably all too familiar with the pain of standing around in high heels for more than thirty minutes, and aware of how that discomfort can affect your mood. So if you don’t want to become an uncomfortable, grumpy mess on your picture day, make sure you wear comfortable shoes! Remember: fashionable, but wearable.

Senior pictures can be a fun, memorable experience, but the day will only be as good as you make it! What other advice do you recommend seniors follow regarding their senior photos?

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