7 Epic Designs for Graduation Caps ...

As your high school graduation approaches, it's time to get creative and begin picking out the best designs for graduation caps. As a graduate this will be the last senior activity before the actual graduation ceremony! While not everyone chooses to decorate their caps, many feel like it’s only appropriate to personalize their caps with clever lines, jokes and shout outs. So if you are in the mood to design your cap or just searching for ideas to use in the future, here are some epic and clever designs for graduation caps.

1. Harry Potter

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Only the true Harry Potter fans will actually understand these sorts of designs for graduation caps. β€˜Mischief Managed’ is a way in which you could end a conversation or recognize the end of a project in the Harry Potter world. So using this line on your graduation cap will signify the end of your high school career, and all of the adventures you had!

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