Easy Ways to Make Friends for Fresher Girls off to College ❀️🌸✨ ...


One of the best things about starting college is all of the people who you'll be surrounded with every single day to come! ❀️

Sure, they might seem like strangers at first but remember that they're in exactly the same shoes as you so don't be afraid to reach out and let others get to know the amazing person and friend that you are! Remember to be yourself and allow new, positive friendships to enter your life! 🌸

Here are just a few great way you can go about making new friends, so I really hoped this helped you get some ideas and don't forget to comment your thoughts! ✨

1. Find Mutual Friends through an Existing Friend

If you've got a close friend (or someone you know quite well) who's coming with you to college, use this to your advantage by getting to know a few of their friends who you might not know yet. This could be simple and easy as hanging out with them when you both have free time, introduce yourself and try your best to keep the conversation going!

Make an Effort to Talk to New People
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