7 Creative 🎨 Ways to Ask ❓ a Guy πŸ‘« to Prom ...

There are lots of creative ways to ask a guy to prom. Growing up, you have most probably matured with movies, TV shows and books that have taught you that the only proper way for a prom date to be arranged is for the guy to finally work up the courage to ask the girl, but hey, it’s 2018 and we think it’s about time that the tables were turned! The idea of a girl asking a guy to prom might have seemed crazy a couple of generations ago, but today, it’s becoming one of the more popular avenues to take! Of course, simply flipping the traditional gender roles of the situation isn’t always enough to guarantee an acceptance, you’ve also get to get a little creative! Here are some of the best creative ways to ask a guy to prom.

1. Write a Ticket

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If you have been waiting for a month or so and there is still no movement on the prom invite front, then take things into your own hands and issue him a ticket! Make it be known that he has violated the terms of your relationship and that his penalty is to accompany you to prom. For even better effect, actually stick it on his car windshield for him to find! This is one of my favorite creative ways to ask a guy to prom.

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