7 Cons of Being a Mother in High School ...


7 Cons of Being a Mother in High School ...
7 Cons of Being a Mother in High School ...

The cons of being a mother in high school, almost far too many name, are perhaps some things that young women might not consider when they think about having a baby in their teens. Not having any experience with motherhood myself, I can tell you that my entire life, I’ve admired single women who raise children, hold down jobs, and work to provide a life for themselves and their children. Yet, I never desired to be one of them, being well aware of the many cons of being a mother in high school, or as a young woman out of high school for that matter. My mother was an extremely wonderful mom, so giving and selfless. In my opinion, every mother should be like that, and yet, young girls who are still in high school can’t only not provide for their children, but they also can’t even yet provide for themselves. If you’re a young teenager and considering having a baby, or even just out of high school and considering having a baby, please think about these cons of being a young mother first.

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Your Dreams Have to Change

One of the many cons of being a mother in high school, is every dream you had for yourself, whether it be college, a career life, etc. must change immediately the day you become pregnant. Being so young, you’ll have to take a low paying job that’s likely to have poor hours, due to not having a degree yet, and your dreams of attending school will probably be almost impossible. It’s not to say single mothers can’t achieve their dreams, - indeed there are some very inspiring success stories - but I didn’t even know how to make my dreams happen at age 16 and 17,,much less bring a child into the world in the midst of them.


Financial Responsibility

Not only do children require a good bit of money to feed, there are care costs too. Even if you qualify for government assistance, care is limited and then there’s also the responsibility of having to take care of them. There are incredible financial responsibilities most women don’t consider when having a child, including these things and more. Without a career, someone else to support you, and a stable home environment to raise them, it’s almost impossible to do it all on your own.



Of course, because children do cost money, you’ll have to be very dependent on others for housing, helping you keep the baby if you do work, helping you afford to feed them, and to help you raise them if you can’t do it on your own.


Social Life Sacrifices

To be a good mother, you’ll have to give up a good bit of your social life. Your schedule is no longer just your own. It will be based around your child’s needs and what they want. This means your social life will have to take a backseat, and late nights out won’t be a part of your schedule anymore. Sure, you can still have friends, but to be responsible for your child, you’ll need to give up most of your social life to take care of him/her, which is a 24 hour deal, and not much less.


Around the Clock Care

Are you prepared to get up several times in the night? What about having to basically carry your child around with you at all times, and feed them perhaps at inconvenient times? One of the main cons of having a child in high school is you’ll have to provide around the clock care and grow up pretty fast in the process.


Medical Care

Another con of becoming a mother in high school, is there will be a constant need for medical care for your child, and not just during pregnancy, but their whole childhood and life. While you can get financial assistance, care can still become a burden and come with a lot of responsibility, that many young women aren’t prepared for.


Marriage is Unlikely

No matter how much you might be in love with your boyfriend at the time you become pregnant, you need to realize that marriage is highly unlikely. Teenage girls often become pregnant to secure a relationship and and even marriage with their boyfriend, yet they never quite seem to understand that marriage pretty much never becomes part of the equation. Give yourself the gift of waiting until you find a husband to have a child. Let yourself be young first!

The ultimate con of being a mother in high school, is that your youth is gone. You’re an adult the moment you conceive a child, and you’re giving up one of the most priceless times in your life. Don’t deny yourself the chance to be a teen while you can. Trust me, the years fly by fast enough and you’ll be so glad you waited to make such a big life decision as having a child at such an early age. What do you believe are some other cons about being a mother in high school?

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I became pregnant at 16, and I think the last point of this article is missaid, because it seems like you're saying teen moms will never marry and it's bull. I was an adult long before I got pregnant and it pretty well saved my life. the beginning of your article is bull too, "some of the cons although they are plenty" from your point of view, maybe, but it's not what everyone thinks. I love being a mom at 18, she's my entire world

Wow and on x-mas eve

Ive done a damn good job if I say so myself.

Even if you're emotionally ready. . . Financially it's a mess. . . No Winners, just Survivors. . .

I got pregnant my senior year of high school and still graduated and is currently in school taking up radiology so my future has not gone it's just beginning and my child is not holding me back from anything he is making me strive more to be better for our family

I usually like the articles on here but this is disappointing. Please don't write about something if you don't know anything about it- it's really that simple. If you want to have pros and cons of being a young mother how about actually getting someone who was a young mother to write them? That would make a lot more sense.

I am 22 years old without children, and I totally agree with this article. All children are a blessing no matter the age conceived, but it can wait. With all the stress and painful life experiences I've been through, I could not imagine throwing a child into the midst of things. This article isn't meant to talk down on others whom conceived at young ages, but help others see that their are sacrifices as well as joyous moments when you become a mother too young.

That's true. I'm petrified of becoming pregnant too young. However, others may look at it as a joy...who knows

Let's just say what you said you have never experienced it so who are you to tell anyone of the cons of being a young parent those mightve been the cons that would have been set for you but everybody is not the same coming from a mother of 1 who is happily married to the father of my child whom has been in my life 4yrs before the baby even came about my opinion is that a lot of ppl can't say anything about it if you haven't gone through it so if you are so sure of what you are talking about make sure you also do an article about the "Pros" if not then shutup about it

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