7 Cons of Being a Mother in High School ...


The cons of being a mother in high school, almost far too many name, are perhaps some things that young women might not consider when they think about having a baby in their teens. Not having any experience with motherhood myself, I can tell you that my entire life, I’ve admired single women who raise children, hold down jobs, and work to provide a life for themselves and their children. Yet, I never desired to be one of them, being well aware of the many cons of being a mother in high school, or as a young woman out of high school for that matter. My mother was an extremely wonderful mom, so giving and selfless. In my opinion, every mother should be like that, and yet, young girls who are still in high school can’t only not provide for their children, but they also can’t even yet provide for themselves. If you’re a young teenager and considering having a baby, or even just out of high school and considering having a baby, please think about these cons of being a young mother first.

1. Your Dreams Have to Change

One of the many cons of being a mother in high school, is every dream you had for yourself, whether it be college, a career life, etc. must change immediately the day you become pregnant. Being so young, you’ll have to take a low paying job that’s likely to have poor hours, due to not having a degree yet, and your dreams of attending school will probably be almost impossible. It’s not to say single mothers can’t achieve their dreams, - indeed there are some very inspiring success stories - but I didn’t even know how to make my dreams happen at age 16 and 17,,much less bring a child into the world in the midst of them.

Financial Responsibility
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