The Commandments πŸ“–πŸ–Š of Dorm Roommates πŸ‘­ All College Girls Need to Know ...


If you are about to start your first year at college, you probably already signed away your housing contract, which most likely included a roommate. And while having one friend right off the bat is definitely comforting, it’s a lot more difficult to maintain a good friendship with someone who is your roommate. In fact, there are plenty of friendships that have been destroyed by housing arrangements! So minimize the risk of roommate clashes by following these roommate commandments!

1. Thou Shall Not Borrow Clothes without Asking

Hey, if you end up with a roommate who lets you borrow some of the best pieces from her closet then that’s great, but don’t take advantage of such a privilege. Nobody likes it when people overstep boundaries; it definitely makes things uncomfortable! So ask before you take and always make sure to return things to their rightful owner. Oh and share back, it’s all about giving and getting!

Thou Shall Respect Each Other’s Space
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