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As you grow older, you realize that there are some important changes to make to your bedroom so that it matures with you. My family moved into a new house the week before I started high school, and as I packed up my bedroom I noticed it had been preserved as the bedroom my eight year old self had decorated. It took a long time, but I can proudly say my room no longer looks like a coloring book exploded in it. If you’re struggling to take your space from tween to teen, or from teen to young adult, here are a few painless changes to make to your bedroom.

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Paint First and foremost, you should paint your room when you’re trying to make it mature with you. Your walls wrap all around your room, and are the first thing you see when you step inside, so among the most important changes to make to your bedroom is their color. If you’re tired of waking up to bubblegum pink walls every morning, switch to a more appealing color. It’s natural for our taste to change as we grow older, so shouldn’t the colors of our room change as well?



Posters If you belong to a certain «fandom» or are simply in love with a certain band, posters of your favorite movies and musicians can be a great way to change your bedroom as you grow older. Your room is your space to express yourself, and posters are a great, space-conscious way to do that. You can literally cover your walls with posters to go for that classic, overly-zealous teenage vibe, or just have a few as accent pieces to remind you that you’re part of a really awesome fandom!


Store Your Stuffed Animals

Store Your Stuffed Animals I’m not suggesting that you throw away or even donate your old stuffed animals, because they have so much sentimental value. But if you’re trying to move your bedroom out of your childhood, you should consider putting your stuffed animals into storage. You can keep them in the garage or in your closet; they won’t get mad, I promise. This is one of the simplest changes to make to your bedroom as you grow older, but there’s no shame in keeping one or two teddy bears for safe keeping...


New Bedding

New Bedding Your bed is the feature piece of your bedroom. It’s what attracts your attention the moment you go inside - usually because you’re dead tired and can’t wait to pass out on it. But, since it’s such an attention seeker, your bed can be the difference between your bedroom looking like a five year old or twenty-five year old lives in it. So when you’re trying to give your room a makeover, swap out those unicorn covered blankets and sheets for a simple, neutral set of bedding.


New Theme

New Theme When I was younger, I had a Paris themed bedroom. When I redid my bedroom, I got rid of all my decorations from that style, but I ended up wishing my bedroom still had a theme. Switching themes can be as simple as changing from Ariel to America’s Next Top Model. Also, having a central theme will act as a guide when you’re hunting the aisles of Target for new decor!


Stay General

Stay General On the flip side of my last point, don’t get too specific with your room’s design. It’s great to have a theme, but you should stay pretty general when decorating your room. Because you’re never going to stop growing up, and while you’ll probably change less between 14 and 18 than from 10 to 14, your taste still may change. You don’t want to be forced to purge your room of unwanted decorations every time you have a birthday, so as a rule, keep it general!


Model Room

Model Room I think a great way to reinvent your room if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want is to find a model room. If you have a favorite character from a TV show or movie, why not model your bedroom after theirs? Just pause the scene filmed in their bedroom, and jot down a few notes on what you like. This can give you a clear and stylish picture of how you may want your bedroom to look.

I hope these methods can help your room adapt as you grow older, but I’m certain there are countless other ways to help your room mature as you do. What have you done in the past when trying to drastically change your bedroom that was a fossil from your childhood?

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Thanks I needed this because I started hs this year too

Lol my mother stole my stuffed animals when I was 12 and gave them to charity. I cam home after school and my bed of about 20 stuffed toys was empty. I cried 3 hrs strait lol

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