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7 Best Things about Being a Teenager in the World Today ...

By Heather

I’m far from my teenage years, but looking at teens today has made me realize all the best things about being a teenager in today’s world. My teen years started in 1999 which seems like eons ago! Over the years, though issues such as teen pregnancy, drugs and alcohol use, and social media influence seem to have gotten worse, there are still some pretty good things about being a teen in today’s times. Check out some of the best things about being a teenager in the world today, and I think you’ll quickly see that everything really isn’t so bad.

1 Increased Technology

Hands down, one of the best things about being a teenager today is the amount of technology that has increased over the years. When I was in 9th grade, AOL was the extent of online life, which is a little embarrassing to admit! Sure, technology comes with its downfalls, but when you think about it, it also comes with many amazing opportunities teens have access to if they use it intelligently. Academic tools, networking tools, staying in touch with family, and learning about things is now easier than ever. Teens also have greater resources to connect with colleges, research possible college locations, and let’s not forget about the power of social media!

2 Employment

Though we saw a terrible drop in employment years ago, teens are now seeing more jobs become available. Part time jobs are one of the biggest job markets in today’s employment field, and teens have an advantage because they’re young, and don’t require a high salary. Sadly, individuals coming out of college and adults are having a harder time than teens today. Part-time employment is everywhere, making it perfect for teens to find a weekend job, or after school job.

3 Increased Generosity

Our culture is obsessed with social media, which can be a bad thing in many lights, but one good aspect is the increased generosity that can be spread through social media. This can be anything from charities, to fundraisers, to getting word out quickly of a family or person in need, or just learning about volunteer opportunities. Teens are now able to become more exposed to just as many good aspects of social media as they are the bad aspects it brings.

4 Smartphones

While I hate to sound superficial on this one, hear me out. Smartphones are actually wonderful for teens to have and there are many reasons why. First off, it gives them safety. I would have loved to have been able to use GPS to find a location when driving back in my time, but now, teens can do that with their smartphone. They can also find many apps that have safety features, and be able to get in touch with their parents or friends in multiple ways, besides just a text or call. Certain features of smartphones also allow for them to get hold of others faster, and give them immediate access to the web should they need it for directions, phone numbers, or other resources on the go..

5 You Tube

Though technically this is a form of technology I mentioned earlier, I highlighted it separately, because You Tube is booming in it’s own light for teens today. Now, teens can create their own You Tube channel and spread their talents for possible jobs and careers, for instance: singing, dancing, play an instrument, providing an instructional service like hair or makeup, etc. Now, future employers can immediately watch their talents, if teens have their own channel. And it doesn’t stop there when it comes to the benefits teens have of using You Tube either. Other amazing features include being able to provide constant video uploads of tutorials, or just things they enjoy like their favorite healthy tips, makeup tutorials, providing instructions, funny videos, recipe creation, hairstyles, and more, to eventually even make money off their You Tube channel. When channels get a certain amount of views, they start becoming profitable. This gives teens a way to make money, just by uploading videos that turn viral online.

6 More Financial Aid

Regardless of the economic issues today in the world, teens now have greater access to financial aid for college than ever. Though many schools have cut funding, more government programs are becoming available as a result. As someone with college debt herself, I can tell you this is a huge benefit teens have access to, so long as they take advantage of it and apply for aid early.

7 Big Dreams

Lastly, this is a great time for teens to set big dreams for themselves! Teens have so much to be thankful for in a world that is full of opportunity. Sometimes, it’s about ignoring the negative things, and focusing on the positive aspects of being a teen today. With job opportunities, athletic and academic opportunities, funding opportunities, travel opportunities and networking opportunities, being a youth today is just bursting with possibilities!

Whether you’re just entering your teens, or living out your last years as one, embrace it for all it’s worth! This is your time girls! If you’re a teen today, you tell me: what is one thing you’re thankful for?

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