7 Best on-Campus Jobs for College Students ...


When you received your financial aid package for the college of your choice, work-study was most likely part of the deal, which is why this is the time you should start looking into the best on-campus jobs available to you. Federal work-study is a program that provides part-time and full-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial aid, allowing them to earn enough money to pay for their educational expenses. Plus who wouldn’t want to have a small job on campus and meet new people? You are starting fresh after all! However, being a full-time student and all, it is in your best interest to grab the best on-campus jobs before anyone else does.

1. Tutor

If you are good in a particular subject, why not spread the knowledge and make some money? Most universities have educational resource centers with available positions to tutor your peers. It’s a laid-back position where you can get flexible hours and get paid even when nobody shows up for help, easily making it one of the best on-campus jobs! Plus it’s one of the highest paying positions in comparison to other available jobs on-campus. You will have to practice patience with frustrated individuals, but there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone figure out a topic they are struggling with!

Recreation Center
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