7 Best First Jobs ...


One great perk and extreme responsibility of being a teenager is the privilege to get a first job, but before you apply anywhere you should be aware of the best first jobs for teens. No matter where you work, there's always the possibility of having a cruel boss or coworkers, but some jobs generally outshine others. These best first jobs offer great learning experiences and environments, so they are worth applying for!

1. Sign Twirling

One popular job for teens is sign twirling. While on the surface sign twirling doesn't seem like one of the best first jobs, you can learn valuable skills from it. Sign twirling teaches patience, determination, and ways to keep yourself entertained when you're all alone. Another benefit of sign twirling is that you get paid to essentially stand around for a few hours promoting your favorite store! So if you have a lot of free time and are looking to hone your skills in patience, sign twirling may be the perfect first job for you!

Concert Venue
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