7 Awkward High School Situations That Happened to Most of Us ...


Adolescence is an awkward period of our lives within itself, so it makes sense that there are so many awkward high school situations that you (and everyone else) are probably familiar with. It is pretty common for high school students to face humiliating situations but hey, that is part of learning and growing up! So if you have recently experienced some of the awkward high school situations, don’t feel embarrassed because you are not alone!

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Saying a Completely Wrong Answer in Class

It is not every day that you feel like you actually fully grasp the details of the topic discussed in class, so it is a special occasion when you participate by confidently screaming out your answer. However, it can get a little awkward when your answer is nowhere close to the real one. In addition to that, there is nothing more awkward than when your teacher picks on you when you are not paying attention and you are forced to completely blurt out nonsense! I am pretty sure these are some of the awkward high school situations we have all been through!


Seeing Your Ex Every Day

High school is all about finding your sense of self and building up the romantic aspect of your life. However, nothing is ever serious in high school, so you end up breaking up and making up on a weekly basis. While you would never have to face your ex outside of high school, the fact that you go to the same school causes awkward tension every time you see each other in the halls. So you both get quite skilled at avoiding each other.


Waving at Your Friend but They Don’t See You

Have you ever walked with a friend by your side in the hall, saw another one, waved at him or her and got nothing in return? Well, this has happened to most of us. The fact that your friend hasn’t responded to your greeting for whatever reason leaves you in an awkward situation, especially when there was a witness to what happened.


Sometimes, the ignored wave just hovers in the air, and you're forced to casually convert it into a half-hearted hair flip or a sudden itch on your head. You reassure yourself that your friend probably had their head in the clouds or was too engrossed in their phone. But for a moment, you stand there, smiling awkwardly, as you ponder whether to give it another shot or just walk away. Deep down, it's no big deal, but in the moment, it can feel like you've just performed an unintended solo in the silent hallway opera.


Getting Hit by a Ball in Gym

If you have never been hit by a ball in gym class, consider yourself lucky. Not only does it hurt but it can also be quite embarrassing! People begin to giggle and you suddenly become the center of the unwanted attention. It gets even worse when you glasses fly off or even break and you have to sit out for the rest of the class.


Getting pelted by a ball can also land you in a whirlwind of confusion and the sting of both the ball and embarrassment can linger well past the incident. Moments like these are a rite of passage, but they also highlight the awkwardness of physical education for those of us who weren't exactly athletically inclined. It's like an unspoken rule that some sort of gym mishap is a high school initiation—a shared experience that, in a strange way, unites us in our collective teen awkwardness.


Not Being Prepared for Your Period

This is for all the girls out there, who can definitely relate to this scenario. Although over time you become quite familiar with the signs of an upcoming period, sometimes it comes as a surprise and leaves you unprepared. Then you are forced to furtively hide any stains, run to the bathroom and fix the problem.


Walking into a Wrong Class

Although I have yet to experience this awkward situation, I have seem many people go through it. For example, during the first week of school, there was a girl in my government class who has sat through the class for a good 30 minutes until she finally realized she was in a wrong class! It definitely got really awkward and I even felt the embarrassment for her.


Falling on the Way to the Board

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but it did to me. I remember getting up in my Latin class to put my answer up on a board, when I suddenly felt something pulling on my leg. I then lost my balance and completely fell with a loud bang. It’s not one of my best memories but at least I can now laugh at myself.

We have all been through these awkward situations, or at least seen them happen. While it was quite an embarrassment back then, now it is something we can all laugh about. What is the most awkward and embarrassing situation that you went through in high school?

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Ahahah the ball one....a few days ago I got hit straight on my butt with a basketball. It was really awkward but hilarious

I get hit in the face with the ball in gym at least once a week, usually more. Of course it's always the really athletic kids that hit me too.

6,5,3,1 have all happened to me bahhhhh I'm soo glade I can look back and laugh at myself.

I'm a freshmen and all of these have already happened to me

1,2,3,4 & 6 has happened to me . Luckily not 5! Haha freshmen I went to the wrong class my 1st period and I stayed there, only to realize that was my second period, so I also had to stay there for second period, then after that we had advisory and it was with the same teacher. That was the longest I had to stay in the same classroom

8 - Having the teacher wake you up cause your snoring was disrupting the class......no? Only me?

The only one that hasn't happened is the ex thing because I don't date... But it has happened to most of my friends

My first year of high school and all of these have happened to me lmao. It was so embarrassing

I agree with sindy! All but one happened to me

OMG ahaha the waving at friends one

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