7 Awful and Amazing Feelings Teenagers Understand ...

By Sabrina

7 Awful and Amazing Feelings Teenagers Understand ...

Teenage feelings are pretty unique. As much as we don’t like to admit it, teenagers are kind of their own sub-species, and we often have more similarities than we have differences. Teenage feelings are some of those things we all share. They range from awful from amazing, but you always know that at least you’re not alone!

Table of contents:

  1. ignored texts- awful
  2. blissful laziness-amazing
  3. holding-your-breath anticipation-awful
  4. pure, unadulterated excitement- amazing
  5. parent-induced embarrassment-awful
  6. optimism- amazing
  7. insecurity- awful

1 Ignored Texts- Awful

Do you ever experience that all-too-common teenage feeling of suspense when waiting for a reply to a text? And, perhaps even worse, is the feeling that comes later when you realize the text recipient has no intention of replying! It’s totally natural to stress over ignored texts, but really it’s nothing to worry about. Odds are their phone just died or they simply aren’t in the position to text at the moment.

2 Blissful Laziness-Amazing

When you’re a teen, you don’t have to worry about working to provide for your family, taking care of your children, or preparing and saving money for potential catastrophes. Teens have the luxury of blissful laziness. You know what I’m talking about; that feeling of waking up at noon on a Saturday afternoon, then easing into your day of nothingness! It’s an amazing feeling that teenagers are privileged to be able to enjoy.

3 Holding-your-breath Anticipation-Awful

Waiting for your crush to answer your invite to a dance, wondering whether or not you’ve been accepted to your dream school, hoping to get hired at your first job... These are all scenarios in which teens experience that awful holding-your-breath anticipation! But if you remember that nothing bad can last forever, and that disaster is never as bad as it seems, you can easily cope with this dreaded feeling!

4 Pure, Unadulterated Excitement- Amazing

On the other side of the suspense and anticipation spectrum is excitement. Excitement is its purest and most extreme when you’re young. The thrill of acing a test, planning a fun day out, or receiving a college admission letter are all overwhelmingly great!

5 Parent-induced Embarrassment-Awful

No one appreciates this awful teenage feeling, but everyone is familiar with it. Although parents mean well, they seem to have a talent at embarrassing their children. The important thing to remember though is that it happens to everyone, so when people laugh they’re laughing with you, not at you.

6 Optimism- Amazing

Teenagers are naturally optimistic and idealistic. They see the flaws in the world and begin to make conscious efforts to improve them. If you ever feel like you’re looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, be thankful! It’s better than being a grouch or pessimist.

7 Insecurity- Awful

Unfortunately, one of the most common teenage feelings is insecurity. Teens today are bombarded with images of the “perfect” woman, not just physically "perfect", but someone who is also emotionally and financially stable, a confident femme fatale, and lady-like business tycoon. But none of that is realistic! You may very well be a huge success and look fabulous doing it, but for now you probably mostly face insecurity. Instead of worrying that you’ll never be good enough though, you should focus on your strengths and unique talents!

The teenage years are pretty unique, but luckily teens can relate to one another relatively easily. We share a lot of thoughts and feelings, and sometimes all it takes is knowledge of that to feel better about yourself! What teenage feelings do you experience the most often?

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