Attention Teens: do You Subscribe to These YouTube Channels? ...

There are so many amazing YouTube channels for teens that you should never be bored on a Friday night when you're cooped up inside! When you're sick or out of school, sometimes it seems like there's nothing to do. However, with all the creative and entertaining YouTube channels for teens out there, you will always have something great to watch so that you'll never get bored!

1. Michelle Phan

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I love Michelle Phan for so many reasons! Her channel is certainly one of the best YouTube channels for teens, because not only does she produce easy-to-follow makeup tutorials, she also covers important topics. Her recent video "You Are More" shows how "not all labels are glamorous" by interviewing young people who have been bullied and harshly labeled by their peers. However, she makes sure to balance her serious videos with fun ones, like when her boyfriend does her makeup or she travels to Korea!

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